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A brief comment on the government of Venezuela is in order. Due to the biases of our “News,” understanding today’s “crisis” can be quite complicated. In reality, to decide who should be in power is quite simple.

On the “existing government” side is Socialist dictator, Nicolas Maduro. He was appointed to the Presidency by Hugo Chavez. “Elections” are so corrupt that only 36% of eligible voters bothered to turn out this spring. The EU, US, the South American “Lima Group,” and virtually all human rights groups denounced the presidential election as “rigged and fraudulent.”

The “coup” leader, popularly elected National Assembly leader Juan Guaido, backed by the Assembly, assert that he is the highest ranking elected official, and therefore the most legitimate temporary President.

It may sound highly contested on the world stage, but the reality is that China, Russia, and Columbia represent almost all the support for Maduro while the remainder of the world, Australia and all of free Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South and North America, Europe, and Britain, support the “coup.” (Of course there are a few little despotic Communist countries that go against the continental averages, but it is hard find most of them even in bold red highlights.) In other words, Communists like Maduro and the starving Venezuelans under Chavez’s ideology and Maduro’s despotism. Nobody else does.

You will read all sorts of idiotic comments, pretended morality, along with the always hateful “America sucks” crowd and their revisionism and contempt, but the choice is remarkably clear: you either support free elections and a chance of escape from devastating poverty and despair, or you are so strongly Socialist that the complete destruction of a once thriving and wonderful nation is worthwhile to your Communist cause and goals.

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