The Truth About Everything

This is the first blog in several months. It had to be written.  Now knock it off, America!

Your knowledge of the Wuhan, CCP, Covid-19, SARS coronavirus depends on your worldview and your chosen information source.  Whatever you believe is opinion, mixed with possibilities and guesses.  Many (if not most) are politically motivated distortions.

The New York Times and New York Post have opposite information, as do the Washington Times and Washington Post.  In fact, if you think more people have died from the virus in the USA than reported, you are most likely Liberal.  If you think fewer people have died of the virus in the USA, or the right number is being reported, you are Conservative.  That is a published result of a New York Times poll.

On the other hand, if you think more people died in China than reported, you must be Conservative.  If less, or about the right number, were reported from China, you must be Liberal.  Is China responsible for the virus and its global spread?  Conservatives, absolutely yes.  Liberals, absolutely no.

If you think the lock down is mostly a Trump decision, you despise it as a Liberal.  If the Liberal governors of NY, WA, CA, etc. made decisions to seal their individual States, in your Conservative estimation they are the tyrants.

If you followed the news and thought Trump was trying to let people die for a lack of ventilators, you think Liberal.  If Cuomo was laughably pessimistic in wanting 40,000 more, you hang with Conservatives.

In my opinion, there’s something very disturbing and unnatural happening.  It may be because of China, or the US, or the Press, or the Creature from Jekyll Island, or King Minos, but the truth has no part of it.

So, what is the truth?  To quote Uncle Remus, “Ol’ Tar Baby, he say nuttin’.  He just sit there grinnin’.”

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