Our Three Party+ System

Research for the Copyright and Patent article continues.  Several of the articles and Supreme Court decisions surrounding them lead to further study.  It is better to wait than produce mediocre material for such a worthy topic, so in the meanwhile, here are some perspectives on our Tuesday elections and Wednesday results.

Mainstream analysis included nothing but Party affiliation.  Few articles touch any candidate’s character, position, ideas or qualifications.  The Press assumes we all voted for R or D, not Martha or Kerstin, Rick or Bill.  Perhaps that is a good thing.  Too many of the candidates fail the various “skills tests.”  While we saw some important incumbent defeats in the primaries and general elections (generally a good trend and reasonable sign of discontent)

Although it continues to be regarded as “Democrats vs Republicans,” the reality looks much more like three governing powers, with “Trumpians” as the third major Party.  This makes the next two years a three way split between the Senate, House, and Executive as “R,” “D,” and “T.”

The Senate will likely improve Trump’s appointment chances, while the House will likely just continue to thwart legislation. 

One of the realities of Trump’s first two years has been the #RESIST movement.  Primarily among Democrats — especially in conspicuous ways — we saw several Trump executive attempts fail.  When it involved Republicans, it usually included just one or two individuals refusing to agree.  Much more significantly, the Republican Party maintained its primary goal of “do nothing.”  #RESIST.  Period.

The greatest demonstration of Trump’s third Party is legislative inaction.  With his own initial cooperative majority of D’s, Obama pounded through his choices (especially terrible burdens of health, business, and personal taxes, without a single R vote.  The House and Senate under Trump found mischievous ways to block almost every legislative ambition.  With much fanfare and hollow hoopla, they “just missed” in doing . . . anything.

The R Party ran its 2016 campaign largely on “repeal Obamacare.” Even as the election took place, it became “repeal and replace” — replacement being no part of the original concept preferred by voters.  Absolutely no “replacement” was available or even begun.  Republican jockeys failed to mount their steeds even after the race began.

And on it goes.  Trump continues powerfully executing, the Democrats loudly and violently continue to #RESIST everything, and Republicans, dwindling in numbers and purpose, lost a batch of House seats.  The stop-loss for a Republican shellacking resulted almost entirely in those Republicans running a Trumpian campaign. 

And then there are Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  So far, not worth considering or analyzing.

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