Nary a Conspiracy in Sight

Two very large questions remain after the death of Jeffrey Epstein: How bad can our criminal justice system really be? and, How can any cause of death ever be determined if this was a normal autopsy?  On these two questions hang our entire ethical system.

Based on the published “official” version, we already have an unbelievable set of facts.  First, the US Prison system is unimaginably incompetent:

Prisoners are allowed to attempt repeated suicide.
Suicidal inmates are left alone.
Guards sleep at will for whole shifts. 
None of the equipment works. 
Inmates are not monitored. 
There is no procedure for discovery of a dead body.
Dead bodies are moved prior to investigation.
There are no requirements for recording death scenes.
No record of reasons for cell reassignment exists.
Two or three stooges guard the highest profile prisoner so far in the 21st Century.

This is direct evidence based on the official story.  Another casual glance informs us of the process for getting to this amazing point.

Billy Bob and Bubba get to work and fall asleep together a couple of hours into their shift.  They wake up about three hours after that and take a stroll through their assigned area, where they find Jeffrey Epstein lying on the floor. Epstein has been dead almost the exact same amount of time they were sleeping, and he is as stiff as a mannequin.  These prison-keepers move Epstein, remove the ligature, and call 911.  Technicians come to the prison and take the stiff corpse away.  Nobody takes a single photo.

Question two regards the autopsy.  What new evidence came along to change it?

The autopsy could not properly determine cause of death.  Dr. Kristin Roman, who conducted it, indicates “pending” on the autopsy report.  The famous Dr. Michael Baden shares the uncertainty — he observed the entire procedure — and advertises to the public that Epstein’s death is “more consistent with homicide than suicide.”  He discusses in public the relative absurdity of breaking the hyoid bone into four separate pieces by hanging oneself with a sheet from the bunk above.

To this day, every News outlet consistently and wrongly reports “several bones in Epstein’s neck were broken.”  This is wrong.  It was one bone, the hyoid, broken in three different places.  The shape of the hyoid is a “C”.  It is hard to imagine pressure around the neck from a short distance hanging — especially with a twisted sheet — sufficient to “crush” such a bone in three places.

A third doctor, the chief medical examiner, Dr. Barbara Sampson, said the cause of death “is pending further information at this time.”  Sampson, who did not perform the autopsy, announced a week later (after no new evidence) that Epstein hanged himself.  If there was any further information, it has not been made known.  Dr. Sampson, who did not conduct or observe the autopsy, changed the report to “suicide,” and is “confident” in her assessment.  Now, it seems, she was also “confident Epstein hanged himselfbefore the autopsy.

It can hardly be imagined that any human being can prefer the published “truth” over the conspiracies.  IF the story above is the way it actually happened, I prefer a delusion.  We need something to soften the incompetence, corruption, wrongful reporting, and failed analysis.  Most of us would be happier to learn it’s all a lie.

It cannot really be this bad!  Can it?

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Progressive National Socialism

From the beginning, Progressive Socialism has meant the fixed path to Communism, the Borg of Star Trek. Yet those appealing to the “joys of Socialism” never recall that. The many trials of Socialism are not remembered as Socialism, but something else.  In spite of the total adoption of Marxist and Leninist doctrine and the name of Socialism that is attached to it, the following is never associated with today’s Progressives:

“The party is all-embracing. It rules our lives in all their breadth and depth . . . There will be no license, no free space, in which the individual belongs to himself. This is Socialism . . . Let them then own land or factories as much as they please. The decisive factor is that the State, through the party, is supreme over them, regardless whether they are owners or workers . . . We want to start by implementing socialism in our nation among our own people! It is not until the individual nations are socialist that they can address themselves to international socialism.”

There will no longer exist any individual arbitrary will, nor realms in which the individual belongs to himself. The time of happiness as a private matter is over.”

This is not Marx or Lenin or Trotsky, but the avid follower of this “revolutionary and evolutionary genius” named Adolf Hitler. It is the very speech of our current Democrat Party. Yet one man’s opinion is only that! Perhaps you will continue to believe in the Progress of Socialism toward the goal of Communism. Hitler certainly did.  He declared:

But National Socialism always bears in mind the interests of the people as a whole and not the interests of one class or another. The National Socialist Revolution has not aimed at turning a privileged class into a class which will have no rights in the future. Its aim has been to grant equal rights to those social strata that hitherto were denied such rights.

The German people were not some sort of savage race before Hitler came to power, but they believed him, and believed in him.

More than enough Germans (and many Poles, Dutch, Austrians, French, etc.) did what they did because they thought it was just and necessary to the great cause of the magnificent new National Socialism that would lead to the beautiful new Communist world.

Our current American Socialists are not eager to directly join paths with Canada, China or Russia. It is their goal to prepare America, and this Progress is only possible one step at a time, beginning with National Socialism.


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Who “They” Are

It remains routinely necessary to address “the evil ones,” to call them out.  Even those who regularly read forget that the rank and file of our electorate are mostly followers of an ideology they think they prefer, almost entirely Republicans or Democrats. Our people are largely distinct from the corruption that drives our political elite.  Voters are victims, bullied and bludgeoned into exactly two distinct camps.

We, the People, refuse to listen to each other.  The elite rejoice in that.

I am often assailed for “being Republican.”  By what standard? I did not vote for Romney, McCain, or Bush, Sr., and only the second time for Junior — as a show of solidarity in light of violence from radical Islam. I barely overcame the nausea while voting for the NY boor, but Hillary was so obviously and blatantly corrupt it was impossible not to do so.  Like so many other Americans, I am now very pleased with my choice.  Can you imagine if she won?

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell remain pointless memories of failed principle and leadership, probable corruption, and proof positive of disdain for the American people from the so-called Right.   Am I, therefore, Democrat?

Hell, no.  It remains impossible to sustain anything like free or happy society on stolen wealth and concentrated power.  That notion now pervades both the Democrats and Republicans, but it is the actual platform of the Democrat Party.

It is the unified Deeper Than That Party that reflects a dishonest agenda — blatant lies — from the Republicans and Democrats alike.  The Republican Party has no interest in the Law of the Land limitations prescribed by the Constitution, and the Democrat Party has no interest in democracy in its pursuit of eliminating competition.

I believe in our Republic, dictated by our U.S. Constitution alone, administered minimally at the national level, semi-autonomously at the 50 State’s level, and mostly by the citizens themselves. It is therefore appropriate to believe in the principles of democracy as they apply to aspects of election, legislation, and certain decision-making administrative choices.  That is the very idea of a democratic-republic.

It is no secret that the very best of Donald Trump is the contempt he receives from the Democrats, the Republicans, the Press, the Deep State, and his diligence in accomplishing exactly what he campaigned to do.

Accused of Russian collusion by Democrats conspiring with a British national to generate false charges; charged also with racism and Nazi sympathies by Democrats who despise Israel and Jews; silenced in repealing our socialized health care plan by Republicans who ran on a platform of repealing that plan; damned as a war-monger by tea leaf readers on both sides; only able to win several of his early battles by enlisting the help of one Democrat Senator while being stabbed by one or two Republicans; and legislatively thwarted on almost everything since . . . What does that make Donald Trump, if not seriously independent?

Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer hate Trump as much as Democrats at the Washington Post or LA Times, and a very large handful of Republican Senators and Congress Critters (not to mention the entire Bush clan) openly despise him.  We, the People, stand alone with Donald Trump.

If Trump wins reelection, it will be the most grassroots support campaign in history, and a buck against every lie, corrupt Party and politician, press pundit, pollster, and every Demoblican Republicrat in the world.  He should win.  We are not “them.”

“They” are the corrupt and contemptible two-Party Top Dogs and career politicians who hate Trump almost as much as they hate the USA.  “They” come from both sides — Republican and Democrat — yet they are neither republican nor democratic.

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Trump’s Racism

Since the House Censure yesterday does not include the text of their concern, it must be assumed that this is it:

In America, if you hate our Country, you are free to leave. The simple fact of the matter is, the four Congresswomen think that America is wicked in its origins, they think that America is even more wicked now, that we are all racist and evil. They’re entitled to their opinion, they’re Americans. Now I’m entitled to my opinion, & I just think they’re left wing cranks.

There is also a quote from Louisiana Senator John Kennedy.  Trump then addresses what he is most angry about: He wants the bitter “four horsemen” to “apologize to our Country, the people of Israel and even to the Office of the President, for the foul language they have used, and the terrible things they have said.’’

Again, let’s be clear, there is not one quote of President Trump’s actual text or verbiage besides individual words (“hate”, “go back” and “invaders”) yet the resolution contains the following three “charges of racism,” and states:

“That the House of Representatives —

“(1) believes that immigrants and their descendants have made America stronger, and that those who take the oath of citizenship are every bit as American as those whose families have lived in the United States for many generations;

“(2) is committed to keeping America open to those lawfully seeking refuge and asylum from violence and oppression, and those who are willing to work hard to live the American Dream, no matter their race, ethnicity, faith, or country of origin; and

“(3) condemns President Donald Trump’s racist comments that have legitimized and increased fear and hatred of new Americans and people of color by saying that our fellow Americans who are immigrants, and those who may look to the President like immigrants, should “go back” to other countries, by referring to immigrants and asylum seekers as “invaders,” and by saying that Members of Congress who are immigrants (or those of our colleagues who are wrongly assumed to be immigrants) do not belong in Congress or in the United States of America.”

Mr. Trump has repeatedly said and demonstrated his belief that “immigrants and their descendants have made America stronger, and that those who take the oath of citizenship are every bit as American as those whose families have lived in the United States for many generations.”  He consistently supports “keeping America open to all who lawfully seek refuge and asylum.”  Only Democrats reject the “lawfully” part. And yes, he has called illegal aliens who are thugs, gang members, racists, drug traffickers and murders “invaders.”  They are.

Only the Press and members of the Democrat Party has made racist comments, such as NPR saying Trump criticizes, “a group of Democratic lawmakers, all women of color, [who] should ‘go back’ to countries of their ancestry and that they ‘hate’ America.”  Trump never mentions “women of color” or “countries of ancestry.”  And, of course, Nancy Pelosi and other wack jobs call Mr. Trump “a racist” for affirming the three points and attempting to secure them.  Against their wishes.

Ilhan Omar, a Progressive Socialist, is from Mogadishu.  She was born there. The other three are American born.  Rahida Tlaib, a Progressive Socialist, was born  to Palestinian immigrants in Dearborn, Michigan.  Occasio-Cortez, a Progressive Socialist, is an American with a Puerto Rican mother in the Bronx.  Ayana Pressley, a Progressive Socialist, was raised on Chicago’s Northside. More than their “birth origins,” all four Congressional freshmen are Progressive Socialists — supporting and working for State control of all financial, educational, and production interests.  This is foreign to the established American government and Constitution, and representative of the failed policies, corruption, and squalor of Communist principles that Trump loathes.

Mr. Trump clarifies his contempt very specifically by singling out those who accuse America of being built on a “wicked foundation,” and “think that America is even more wicked now, that we are all racist and evil.” (We can assume that Pelosi called him a racist for pointing out that she and the DNC think he’s a racist.)

Wack jobs? Is that racist? Consider Cortez’s bold statement that, “the United States is running concentration camps on our southern border,” to name just one of a host of her wack job comments. Were they “immigrant communities” when Obama’s administration used them?

Or, consider Tlaib’s wack job statement: “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”  (She later apologized for the “use of the word ‘hypnotize’ and the ugly sentiment it holds.”)

Pressley may win the “wack job” award for her comment on climate change: “we have to talk about climate change in a way that we can also talk about mass incarceration – in a way that allows us to see the relationships between multiple struggles happening together. All of these things that are driving climate change are interconnected. That’s why we have to look through a lens of intersectionality and equity, or it won’t matter what we do.”

Quick to condemn Trump for anything he never said or implied, the House remains notably silent about the Progressive Socialists. They overwhelmingly resolved to avoid their own members’ racism, but never mentioned Tlaib and Omar for their anti-Semitism that instigated the resolution.

It remains a notable curiosity that the House Censure of the President does not include his statements.  It relies entirely on the spin of the Press that injects racism (including Naziism) into anything a Republican or Trump says. As a man they hate, he has no right to his opinion.

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Religious Voodoo

[The truly perceptive will note and understand that before we found out who she was, the Wicked Witch of the West rode in on a bicycle.]

Pilate said to him, “What is truth? – John 18:38

Intelligence, reason, and logic are not what they used to be.  Irrefutable facts bow down to theories today. Facts can be acceptably over-ridden.  Life is fantasy.  Science is religion.  Truth, if it exists at all, is only one part of reality.

It is easy to spot fantasy if we honestly look, but the fantasy prevents looking. Well meaning “religionists” prefer to make truth the “alternate reality.”

There is a vague understanding of this in psychology texts.  Called Fantasy Prone Personality Disorder (FPPD), it is associated with growing with up around schizophrenia.  It results in a “privileged opportunity to avoid responsibility, refuse conformity, and abandon accountability.”  Sound familiar?

It shows clearly in the religion of science (not to be confused with real science.) Two of the holy slogans in religious science are, “We Now Know . . .” (meaning,“We changed our mind yet again.”) and “Science Tells Us . . .” (meaning, “How dare you challenge this statement?”

As an example of both, Nature magazine published horrifying “science” that suggested the rise in temperature was much higher “than anticipated,” Mainlined News bought it.  When math errors were found in the artificial neural network calculations (more on that in a moment), the frightening conclusion disappeared.

“Just a few hours of analysis and calculations was sufficient to uncover apparently serious (but surely inadvertent) errors in the underlying calculations.”  Surely inadvertent.  In a sincere quest for truth, Nature immediately retracted the whole thing, and dedicated an article to correcting the false data. . .

Oh, wait a minute.  No, they did not.  You can still read it here.  The “correction” that appears (if you look hard enough to find it at the end) says simply, “Editor’s Note: We would like to alert readers that the authors have informed us of errors in the paper. An implication of the errors is that the uncertainties in ocean heat content are substantially underestimated.

Even that sounds scary to Fantasy sufferers, and clearly comes from a Fantasy perspective.  “Wow! We can’t even determine how bad it is! We now know it could be worse!  They underestimated!”  Not really.  They screwed up the math. There is nothing to see.

Speaking of math, you may remember learning that you can never get an answer more exact than the limits of the data you enter.  It is impossible (and very wrong) to claim that “roughly two x about two precisely equals 4.17419.”  That is, unless you are a True Science Believer.

Here are two graphs, both offered by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) showing how easy it is to make truth.

NOAA science priests were able to “correct” the false, actual data from the first graph and turn it into the quality assured reality of the second graph using mathematics and sound scientific religion.  Here’s how:

The history of climate research goes back to days when wind speed was determined by the sting on your face, and sea temperature was calculated by randomly hoisting a bucket onto a ship and sticking an analog thermometer into it.  The priests of climate science now know how to divine the truth.  First you guess, then you create an impressive formula to make it work in your favor.

Seriously.  They even have a name for their guesses.  First, they give the guess an impressive feminine name, ANN: “Artificial Neural Network.” (Artificial means “not real,” neural means “brain,” and network means “linked together.”  They create fake brains to link their guesses.)  Insert your dream and a dollar. ANN will make it true.

They then assemble their intended guesses, and determine how much they want to fix the history by the size of the fudge factor to insert (called “synaptic weights”) and apply them as truth generators (“activation functions”) to create the truth from possibly careless, corrupt, and missing data. From this mathematical scientific religion they are able to to reveal the fudge factors (“hidden nodes”) that will be true and correct.  No kidding.  This is as real as it is incredible.  Om, or whatever.

“Inputs are multiplied by synaptic weights and then fed to the layers through a transfer function (activation function). The transfer function f converts the summation of the synaptic weights vector and inputs vector to a corresponding output vector y as

Alchemy.  The mystic art of change made possible by Fantasy in the Temples and Mosques of the scientific religion.

ANN’s Fantasy Prone Personality Disorder also applies to politics, of course.  If you do not like him, or if you are a Democrat, that is not enough.  We now know the current President is insane, fascist, racist, misogynistic, bigoted, stupid, anti-American, hateful, delusional, pro-Soviet, Nazi-like, a war hawk, homophobic, etc., etc., etc., etc.  Just plug in your intended function, and, “It’s all true. There is no discovered evidence, but it works in our formula, and we believe it.

So, it is all artificially neural networked to be truth.  Or, you can be a backwoods Bible believers who understands,

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32

By all means, PLEASE share comments!


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Giants In the Earth

Follow the money.” Corruption in our modern system means, simply enough, that tracing something to the source of dollars, or the source of financial influence, leads you to the legislation or court decision.  If you find the correct route, too often you find the “proper reason” for a shady act or opinion.  “Justice” has nothing to do with such acts.

They need not be inevitable.  The truth is, as a nation, we generally do not pay attention as the power of the Immortals rises and puts us out of business, pushes us away from life, and constrains our freedoms.  The pursuit of happiness becomes more difficult.

The Immortals are citizens who seldom die, speak with a chorus of ten thousand paychecks, and keep growing in power and might by the legislation of Congress and the approving decisions of the Supreme Court.  Giants in the Earth.

They arise from power, of course — yours and mine.  We have little choice. The Supreme Court granted it to them out of thin air.  Magic!  Divine Authority!  The powers of demons rolled up from the shards of the Civil War, dredged from the rivers of taxes, knocked down from the mountains of righteousness.  And we paid for it.

There is a sentence in Genesis that was translated, “There were giants in the earth in those days.”  A careful look tells us the word for Giants is nephalim.  Nephil means the Fallen.  The suffix -im is the Hebrew plural.  Many fallen men of renown, indeed.

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14th Amendment Outcomes, Illustrated

“Personal rights . . . are a species of rights of the most sacred kind.  [Anyone who would use his wealth] or presume upon the influence it would give him, to dispossess or rob another of his property or rights, uses that pecuniary property as he would use fire-arms, and merits to have it taken from him.” – Thomas Paine, 1795

Using money and its influence is now “business as usual” for most of our United States and State and local governments.  With sufficient wealth, you can buy low taxes and new assessments, accept stolen property, dispossess whole neighborhoods of their homes and small businesses, force code changes and escape regulations, compel your competitors out of business, and a great number of other abuses.

You can also purchase the right of Personhood for your corporation, creating a straw man cum scape goat for your personal and corporate evils.  It is very little wealth and a great deal of influence used to bury the rights of individuals with the shovel of willing government.

Outside of purely illegal miscarriages of absent justice without challenges, almost all of these pecuniary “rights” can be attributed to the 14th Amendment.  (Usually in conjunction with the commerce clause, but 500 words is the goal for article length.)  After one of the judicial horrors (Citizens United vs FEC, a case worthy of its own article and special attention for its convoluted and stupid reasoning at another time) Justice John Paul Stevens was so incensed by the 5-4 decision that he read part of his dissent from the bench to reprimand his fellow Justices.

Stevens declared from the bench that the inexcusable majority opinion in this case “threatens to undermine the integrity of elected institutions across the Nation. The path it has taken to reach its outcome will, I fear, do damage to this institution.” Our nation and government, he stated, “cannot function effectively when its constituent members believe laws are being bought and sold.

Bought and sold indeed!  The most distressing and disgusting aspect of this case, though, has little to do with the decision itself. It was rejected by Stevens, but his dissent was joined only by Breyer, Ginsberg, and Sotomayor — the three most liberal partisans on the court and the most eager to kill the case.  Its support came from the Conservatives, though the case has the most un-conservative nonsense written into it.  It includes bench legislation, insufferable stupidity, ignorance of their own established law, and as much irrational and circular logic as any case in the history of the Court.

It also covered two sets of facts: one set offered in Court, the second argued only by the Justices in their decision (wrongly.)  It was such a bad decision that Chief Justice Roberts felt obliged to write a second opinion to defend the majority opinion and explain the bad reasoning.

Nobody, but nobody, argued for legitimate reasons, and the express constitutional justifications were utterly and inexcusably ignored in favor of further partisan perversion of our sacred document by a thoroughly corrupt court.

We have since lost Stevens, a great and honest man, impartial Juror, and perhaps the last truly fair and decent Justice who will ever serve on that now disgusting body of cheap legal opinion.  Much worse, however, is that his replacement was the partisan who argued badly for the losing side: Elena Kagan.

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Directly from God

The next article, Copyrights and Patents, requires this material as background, and it is too significant not to repeat or clarify over and over again.

Samuel Rutherford’s Conclusion: “All civil power is directly from God in its root: God made man a social creature, inclined to be governed by man.  Therefore, God must certainly have put this power in man’s nature.”  Because God and nature intend goodness and peace for mankind, then “God and nature must have given us a power to accomplish this end — and this must be a power of governing ourselves.” 

It must be a power derived from ourselves, by ourselves, and for ourselves together, strictly by the guidance of our Creator and Sustainer.  Today, it is (poorly) reflected in the popular saying, “You aren’t the boss of me.”  Although that cartoon caption contains none of the wisdom, and is generally uttered in a morally questionable context, it is ethically true for self-governed individuals.

Rutherford’s truly noble quote, on which our society was built, “All men are created equal,” comes from this opening conclusion in Lex Rex.  Not only equal in value and quality, but equal in our capacities to live and pursue the functions of free society, including government.  We used to say, “A man’s home is his castle.” We were our own king in our own domain.

William Pitt, Lord of Chatham, gave an impassioned speech in the House of Commons in England.  “The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown. It may be frail—its roof may shake—the wind may blow through it—the storm may enter—the rain may enter—but the King of England cannot enter!—all his force dares not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement!” Yet that was not enough for our new nation.

That uniquely American ideal that “any little boy or girl can grow up to be President,” has been one of our nation’s greatest achievements, once reserved for the world’s de facto high classes, or for ruthless or charismatic revolutionaries.

Rutherford’s text expresses the idea that any idiot can govern, but that is certainly not what “equality” means, nor is it ideal.  What mattered most to Rutherford (and later, Locke) was that every person could (and should) control himself, every citizen could (and must) effect his part in society, and ultimately that we could (and would be expected to) mutually conduct our affairs without external compulsion or significant restraint.

We know what to do and what not to do, in other words. That is, by definition, “civil society.” The primary role of “government,” (controlling, limiting or restricting) is one of restraining, citing, or ultimately punishing those whose bad behavior afflicted others.

The greatest importance goes to the very idea that we must be and will be governed — either by and for ourselves, or by and for somebody else.  Once we chose which course to take, our next decisions were easier to make.

This should help with the next article, Copyrights and Patents.


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Remarkable Politics, Mr. Powell

“Baffling” might be the best way to describe the blather coming from the Partisan Loyalists on both sides of the aisle when it comes to President Donald Trump.  To them, Democrats and Republicans run on lies so they can simply act in similar ways once in office.  They despise Mr. Trump, and their main reason is, he is completing and ticking off one campaign promise after another.

“Confusing” could be used to describe, for instance, Colin Powell’s remarks today.  He actually invoked his “favorite three words in the Constitution: ‘we the people’ . . . Recently, it has become ‘me the president’ as opposed to ‘we the people,’” Powell said.

“Stupid” could define the examples he used: our trade deals, for instance.  Trump ran on removing and rewriting those trade deals. (He succeeed.)  Powell mentioned angering our allies.  Trump ran for President on the clear terms that he would get our allies to stop cheating us. (Succeeding.)

“Idiotic” Mr. Powell mentioned “insulting everybody.”  Powell heard the President’s promises that came out in such boorish tones against everybody, and now he gets to watch as jobs seem particularly good for minorities.  (Success.)  Trump promised lower taxes, and he delivered by twisting a lot of arms — as promised. (success.)

“Bi-Partisan” Colin Powell voted with other Leftists and RINO’s for Hillary.  Nobody has to like our most successful President, but Mr. Powell goes too far when he calls his Never Trump opinions, “ours.” They were yours, Hillary’s, and the FBI’s, Mr. Powell.  “We, the People,” bested you.

We, the People” liked what we heard from Mr. Trump.  We voted for what he said he would do.   We love watching him do it!  We beat the Leftists and RINO’s who went so far as to team up against our duly elected President as the bi-Partisan team to elect Hillary . . .  and you lost.

The Majority see low unemployment as a very good thing.  We like low taxes and low inflation.  We are pleased by a booming economy with more good jobs. We appreciate good trade deals and shared responsibility in our international obligations.  We support our allies where it counts (like Israel, Canada, and Mexico) and real consequences for our enemies (like Iran, Syria, and China.)  To us, it became sickening to pay lip service, offer preferred status to tyrants, pay pallets of cash to our enemies, and make regular welfare to our wealthy couch potato friends through guns, ammo, and chronically deferred payments from them.

Remarkable politics, Mr. Powell.  We, the American people, plan to smash the Progressive, Liberal, and RINO NWO agenda again in November.  We are not able to declare victory yet, but since you and yours have no respect for us at this point, I suspect you might be in trouble.  In fact, I’d love to see you publish a list of who you really support.  I suspect they are all as deep in the state as you appear to be, sir.

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Paying Down the Debt

One thing we can say about Mr. Obama and his Congress, and Mr. Trump and his Congress — at least so far — is that they both know how to increase spending and raise the debt by trillions. It is insane and troubling to see that Mr. Obama doubled the debt from 10 to just shy of 20 trillion dollar in just eight years, and equally troubling that Mr. Trump has already reached $21.5 trillion.

There are some differences, of course.  Obama and Jr. Bush agreed on flooding the market with $2 trillion fake dollars and increasing taxes, while Trump lowered taxes and still maintained the climb.  No, neither of those are justifications.  It just goes to show there is one than one way to skin a nation.

How bad it, really?  How can we understand the amount, and what it means?  Over that entire time, our Gross Domestic Product largely equaled our debt.  That means we would need one complete “free” year of  production to pay our creditors.  Or, if you prefer, every man, woman, and child in the US owes a little more than $67,000 in arrears.  Currently, our taxes include about 8% interest payment (over $5,000 per person) every year on the existing debt.

Can we fix it?  Of course, and with no song or dance, Mr. Trump and his Federal Reserve officers have already begun.  It is hard to believe how ignored our current deflation is.  We never, ever see it in the news.  In fact, the Fed reduced the amount of currency substantially.  That is a big deal, especially when you consider that a whole lot of dollars were repatriated by big businesses that simply tied up cash overseas.  Taking them away improves the value of our money.  Our money.  Yours and mine.

That makes every dollar paid worth more, and every dollar spent worth more.  Unfortunately, it also raised our old debts because the number of dollars in debt don’t go down just because the dollar is stronger.

What remains is to stop spending so much on the stuff we throw away, the stuff we get from overseas, stuff we do not need, and the stuff we get nothing for in exchange.  If we do, we can pay down the debt, stop losing in trade imbalances, and buy more with each dollar.

I’m optimistic that we can recover.  It can happen.


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