Greatest Good

An intro to business class in 1977 presented the ideas of economics and production in “modern markets.”  The foundations of every scheme began with the notion that all policies must begin with the concept of “the greatest good for the greatest number.”

Jeremy Bentham, around 1820, first refered to society’s goal in this way.  He wrote, “The greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation.”  Mill echoed the concept, now called “Utilitarianism.”  It has become a kind of “premise” for most pragmatic and socialist positions, but can it ever really work?  No.  Especially not with the “foundation of morals” part.  At best, the greatest good for the greatest number is a hollow ambition, ignoring each of its potential consequences.

“Greatest” is always the core of the problem.  Greatest is not an absolute, but a relative ambition, necessarily meaning “not the best.”  The idea of “greatest good for the greatest number” multiplies that relativity, leaving a theoretically acceptable “improvement” of 1% while benefiting only 51% of the whole.

Pragmatists may laugh and argue that that  would never be enough of a goal to implement such a plan, but it has been demonstrated in Bolshevik and Maoist revolutions, Cambodia’s killing fields, and America’s newly implemented health insurance plan.

America’s foundation took the opposite approach.  We built a great nation on the concept of “Great good and goodness for all who desire and work for them without restraint.”  The concept is readily applicable without killing, crushing, or repressing any percentage, without theft or denial, and with malice toward none.

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Truth About Communist Lies

In our modern world, few people will tell the truth about Communism and Socialism.  The first truth, unfortunately, is that Socialism is merely the “path.”  When Marx spoke of “a dictatorship of the proletariat,” he meant exactly that — societal dictators born of destructive masses.  Gangs of ignorant and uneducated people dedicated to killing and replacing the competent and capable workers and leaders of society.

Granted, new systems of forcing Communism speak of “peacefully” bringing in this transition.  “It can be stolen without violence,” they say, yet the goal must remain as Marx demanded: tear apart the capitalists’ “dictatorship” and establish workers’ dictatorship in its place.

The next lie is to assume a Communist ever tells the truth.  To reason from history, Communism is always a lie that fears truth.  In the 1920s right through the end of the 80s, Communism lived primarily as “democracy,” finally leaking out as “democratic socialism” as the new millennium dawned.  Yet “democracy,” defined as the will of the majority, never darkened a Communist’s ambitions.  Now we learn that was never the goal, but rather to compel  us to do as we should, not as we choose.  The choice of “should, according to . . .” is left to the Communist masters, the experts, the geniuses of Communist aspiration.  Yes, those would be the proletarian tyrants who know nothing and never interfere.

But of course we laugh together, because the proletariat are too uncivilized and brutal — fresh from their violent campaign of removing the bourgeois, that is.  They need a season of monomaniacal dictatorship first.  Even Marx told us so.  The morons can’t run anything except the violence.  Not yet.  First they need a leader.  After more than 100 years, we still live in the age of Communist “leaders,” still awaiting the hand-off to the ignorant proles.  They only need to suffer a few more generations before the Nirvana kicks in.  Maybe when God really dies.

Oh, I know.  People in America don’t really want Communism or its lies.  I hear it all the time.  “We are not Communists!”

We just want to rip apart the nation, and chew it up.  We sneer at God and country.  We want a “whole system” to control us all together as one.  Yeah, you know.  Good leadership without corruption, and without some ridiculous living, loving God to rule over us.  Not a limited, Constitutional government, but a complete, promising dictatorship that will lead to real freedom.

We’re so much better than that.  We prove it daily.  And that’s my lie for today.

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Murderous, Impoverished Tyrannies

According to communists, the goal of communism is a stateless, classless society. Communists believe this can happen if the rich and powerful are stripped of their wealth and influence so that the poor and downtrodden can control things.

This never happens, of course.  Every Communist attempt ends in tyranny.  Financial success comes from capitalism, generally reintroduced several generations after the poverty and misery have taken a dreadful toll.

In a private conversation, a friend commented that the Communist Chinese economy was improving faster than our own in America.  I had to remind him that it was improving because of a return to capitalism and free trade, mixed with a virtual state sponsored slave labor.

Rather than release the downtrodden from oppression, Communist states invariable murder large segments of their brethren.

In order to talk about Communism, leave the ridiculous theories at the door.  If the discussion is how things ought to be in heaven, or might be if we were all super nice people, you will never implement it on earth.

With so many attempts under the world’s belt, it should be clear that the sanguine hopes for Communism will invariably lead to murderous despotism.

And in the meanwhile, every Communist attempt on earth will continue to be a murderous, impoverished tyranny.

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A Communist Bill of Rights

We have turned a Communist eye to our rights in America, abusing almost every aspect of liberty, freedom, autonomy, and responsibility. Not surprisingly, as goes our liberty, so go our rights in liberty.

Communism has two positions on rights: the declared and the applied, or, the before and after.  For instance, Marx argued for a free press, as long as it was used for “the democratic reconstruction of the political system.”  Then what?  Communist leaders, while still a persecuted opposition, strongly support speech rights and later reject them when communism gains ground.  Consider the hippies in the USA. “Freedom” was the mantra in the ’60s.  Now that Communist thought is gaining ground, silencing “hate speech” is their new “om.”

What are rights in Communist terms?  The short answer is, “What rights?”  Here are the 10 short answers with our Bill of Rights in mind.

Amendment I, free religion and free speech:  “In a communist society, the individual’s best interests are indistinguishable from the society’s best interest. Thus, the idea of any individual freedom is incompatible with a communist ideology.” – E. Roberts, Stanford University; “Religion and communism are incompatible, both theoretically and practically.” – Bukharin and Preobrazhensky, The ABC of Communism

The “right perspective” is that Communism is your religion and your voice, so you really should not have a thing to say about it.  If you do, maybe it can benefit the Party, so report it to an official.  heh.  Tell us how that works for you.

Amendment II, right to bear arms:  “The Soviet State, which is nothing else than a great republic of workers . . . [therefore assures that] soldiers work and workers fight. . . [W]hen the whole world is in arms against the Workers’ Republic . . . all must be prepared to fight, and to feed and house the army.” – Bukharin and Preobrazhensky, The ABC of Communism

The Communist perspective, increasingly heard and seen in the United States, is that you should carry arms and kill those whom the state tells you, when the state tells you.

Amendment III, freedom from quartering troops:  See above, “. . . all must be prepared to fight, to feed and house the army.” – Bukharin and Preobrazhensky, The ABC of Communism

Remember comrade, it’s all for the state and the state is for the state! Your house and the army you must feed belong to the state just like you do.

Amendment IV, freedom from search, seizure, and unwarranted inspection:  Of course you can never own anything.  Even you and your children belong to the state . . . This is why you report your comrades.  Officials (brothers of a different, higher sort) will be all over you.  Remember: in a system where you own nothing, nothing of your own will ever be taken from you.  Ever.

Amendment V, self-incrimination, double jeopardy:  Don’t be silly.  You have no “self.”  You will never jeopardize the state, and you would die not to incriminate your Party.

Amendment VI, speedy public trial, a jury of your peers, right to counsel: Again, you are nothing and the state is everything.  Relax!  The state will always strive to protect its cherished interests.  As long as you 100% support the state, it will support your contribution.  Not a worry, little comrade.

Amendment VII: rights of capital, property, and common law:  there is no private capital or common law in Communism.  None of this applies.  The bourgeois must suffer.

Amendment VIII, excessive bail, fines or punishment:  according to whom?  The state will always be fair.  After all, it writes the laws!

Amendment IX, the protection of rights not mentioned: By nature, Communism has no unmentioned rights.  If the Communist state needs a right, it will declare a right.  If not, it doesn’t exist.  Why worry?

Amendment X, retention of rights by the people:  The state is the people.  Don’t try to confuse things.  Of course the people retain all rights.

Again, this critical information helps explain Communism in all its names.  And remember, once the governing class send the proletariat class to die killing the bourgeois class and upper class, and the Bureau and manager class replace the ruling class and then eliminates itself to submit to the People, there will be no classes in Communism — just the Party people, the working people, the enemies of the state, the criminal class, the ancients, and the “others.”

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