Move On, Democrats

This post barely slips past pointless personal opinion.  You will not find a great deal of new data here today.  No apologies, just fair notice.  It is way past time for the Democrats to grow up and move on.

Now that it appears Kavanaugh will be confirmed, the House Democrats are already ranting.  Nadler, from New York’s Liberal 10th, already blurted, “If he is on the Supreme Court and the Senate hasn’t investigated, then the House will have to.  We would have to investigate any credible allegations certainly of perjury and other things that haven’t been properly looked at before.

Of course, the Senate investigated, but wasted their investigation demanding an FBI investigation.  The FBI investigated again (seven times now) and found no problems.  The Democrats were incensed that the FBI did not interview Ford, but the Senate Democrats had months to interview and investigate Ford.  They put her on trial and frothed against Kavanaugh all day.  And her “witnesses” all said, “Nope. No truth here, folks.”  Move On.

Gutierrez and Leiu, spewing Democrats from “resist” locations in Illinois and California, already want Kavanaugh impeached.  Now that vicious Democrats like these two and Maxine Waters have lost their venom, they keep biting like sterile rodents.  They’re going to leave marks and strings of broken teeth all the way to election day.  It is almost amazing.

Some speak of repression, as though the truth is still out there, ignored.  No one said it better than Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, another rabid New Yorker, “This is a disgrace what’s happened in the United States Senate.  And obviously we have to find ways to make sure the truth is eventually brought to light, whether Kavanaugh is confirmed or not.”  Yeah, as soon as we find it.  Just wait until we invent something.  And it certainly is a disgrace.  Pathetic.

A whole bunch of fuming Democrats complain that the procedure of reviewing a nominee’s public record has been completely disregarded.  They have had all the time necessary — over two months! — to review a complete and wide open list of everything in Kavanaugh’s history.  If it was not read, it was only because they already knew they would find a spotless, professional, and pointedly remarkable record of public service.

If these were our fellows — neighbors, friends, coworkers — and they behaved like this, we would ask them to Move On.  And that is precisely what should happen each election day until the sleaze all get un-elected.  Except those who should go straight to jail.

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