No Compromise

The strongest betterment of our nation starts with the refusal to compromise the most morally corrupt ideas. Our nation began under the best of conditions, with the strongest of moral compasses, and only fell on one (morally bankrupt) count: slavery.

Yet we all know it as a tragic fall! Slavery hurt our standing, provided a justification for unfair taxation (more than once) and resulted in continual abuse from rich veins of corruption, foreign and domestic.

Morality must never be compromised. Moral evil must never be included in our compromise. The overwhelming majority of our Founders knew it. Franklin forecast, “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.

The Founders met a wall of evil when they realized it had to be all or nothing. We began our nation with slavery, with compromise, with an evil that was morally wrong. We did it to enter the new nation together, to hang together. We all hanged separately to the noose of the Civil War, the 14th Amendment, and the legalized death of the Bill of Rights under a morally bankrupt tweak. Even with a 30 year provision to end the importation of slaves, it was too little. It was compromise.

Most of our politicians are willing to compromise anything, and they giggle like children playing Monopoly with our lives. Today, like every day, our legislators are absolutely uncompromising about something, but it always turns out to be their power, not their morality. They will not compromise their power for anything, no matter how good it would be for We, the People.

It may be time to move to the next bitter understanding of what the 14th Amendment means. It was a reaction to compromise, and it was quickly compromised. The 14th Amendment, clearly intended to assure liberty to slaves, has turned Americans back into slaves. The 14th has become the means to make us slaves. It has assured that our posterity will pay for today’s financial and political debts and be responsible for accepting our sickness. It turns us over to the plantation owners . . .

One thing we can clearly understand: if we establish foundations with any diseased form of moral compromise, the infection will spread and continue oozing back out of the imperfect scar.

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