Origins (In the Beginning)

Faith in God or faith in Chaos?  One belief system or the other demands its religion and dogma.  Either a Creator set it in motion and put it in place, or “stuff happens.”  The ultimate choice must favor everything or nothing as the fundamental reason for existence and life.  There can ultimately be no middle ground.

The challenge of believing in God is that He must be rational, self-existent, and self-sustaining.  That is a complicated bit of faith!  The challenge of life from Chaos, however, is equally difficult, and logically ridiculous: self-existent and self-sustaining matter and energy, and a long list of seemingly immutable laws, a developing purpose, and the incredible wonder of semi-autonomous life — all starting and progressing without design, purpose, cause, energy or material.

The three primary challenges of “Evolutionary” origins are material self-existence, ordered life out of Chaos, and reason and logic forming out of (and into) irrational obscurity.  (We can look at each of these if you like.) This means nothing is simply “improbable,” but utterly impossible, and it leads to a preposterous set of ridiculous outcomes.

Faith in Chaos is often referred to in terms of “life forming from a primordial soup,” seldom recognizing that the soup itself sprang from nonexistence without matter or energy . . . or any conceivable reason.

Of course I have to stop short of saying it cannot happen, but it would certainly require “an act of God.”

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