Sunday Two Days Before

Jesus came so we could have a brother and a friend.  He came to us because we could not go to Him.  All fear of a “punishing God” disappears when you meet Him, and His Father adopts you.

Church is not a place to go. It is a group of believers to go to or to go with you wherever and whenever you go.  If you like “worshiping alone,” that is great! Worship together with other believers and “gather with the saints” as well.

For one thing, we are told to do so.  For another, we are weak and always need the support.  Another reason is because we are lazy, and probably will study less alone than with friends.  Four, we are fragile, and vulnerable alone.  Fifth, we might be able to help others once in a while.

There are 7th through 17th reasons, at least.  Try to discover a few of your own. Even if you are not quite sure of any of them, reason 18 (or the last one after you finish your own list): it never hurts.  If you think you might fall asleep, sit with all the other marginal attendees in the back rows.

Real Christians know they are no good.  We all are sinners, saved by grace.  None is righteous; no, not one.  We can never “earn” our redemption or God’s favor.  Once again, that’s why Jesus lived with us.  He wanted to experience temptation and all the stuff we go through, so He could die righteous and experience the judgment for us.  So he could filter out our failure.  So His Father would receive us.  Even so His Father could tolerate looking at us!

You are beautiful.  Very, very beautiful (and handsome!) but covered with your own filth.  Jesus is the lens that let’s God see you as He made you.

A dear friend wrote this morning to wish us a Merry Christmas.  He said, “there should be a special name for a Sunday that falls before a Tuesday Christmas.”  There is!  It is called “the day that the Lord has made.”  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Merry Christmas.