Manchurian Democrats

I readily admit to being angry. Yet again, a Manchurian Democrat accused me of racism for the unpardonable sin of supporting Donald Trump. This time, though, it pushed the wrong button on the wrong day, so I pledged to myself that I will spend the rest of my life exposing Democrat idiocy, bigotry, arrogance, dishonesty, and indoctrination.

First, though, I want to make it perfectly clear that most Democratic voters want something good for their families and communities.  They have been duped, sold out, convinced of so many lies that truth no longer holds meaning.

Most rank and file Democrats do not understand their own Party. They just feel it. I have yet to find one who could articulately reason their Partisan agenda. My own father was a lifer Manchurian Democrat. I would ask him questions, and he would answer with bumper sticker slogans.  When I asked him to explain, he would look at me with contempt and say, “If you don’t understand it, I certainly can’t explain it to you!” It was as if I pulled a deck of cards from my pocket. “It’s a red queen, baby! 52 of ’em.” I loved my pop, but never his political views.

One of the loves of my life was another Manchurian Democrat. The modern BLM Antifa variety, but back in the early ’70’s. She was always protesting something, ready to throw rocks and burn things for “the cause.”

“Why?” I would ask her. “Protest is good!” she would answer knowingly, with that same dazed look. A red queen.

The third example is a nice guy, but I had to delete him from social media. Every time I made any political comment whatever, his stock response was, “tRump is racist. You’re racist.” I would never unfriend somebody for political views, only for being mind-controlled. A red queen. 52 of ’em, usually, but he was missing a few from his deck.

The same applies to you. There is no condemnation for your political views, but do not lie. If you support Sleepy Joe, you need to acknowledge you support the most racist and possibly second most corrupt “top of the line” politician since Robert Byrd or David Duke. Joe Biden is a racist gaffe machine. The only proof you need are Joe’s quotes.

It would be a shame to hear you say you despise filthy Capitalism yet support the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi, Marc Warner, Jerod Polis, John Delaney, Richard Blumenthal, Scott Peters, and Diane Feinstein are seven of the 10 richest Congress Critters, and multimillionaire Democrats. (Pelosi, Delaney, and Polis are actually hundred millionaires.) Two are Republican, but I don’t know what Party the last one is since Darryl Issa is out.

Do “Black Lives Matter”?  Virtually all Americans say “yes,” yet only Democrats would rather see rampant crime, mayhem, rape and murder go unchecked in our predominantly Black cities.  The reasoning?  By refusing help, they can claim that the President’s assistance is “forced,” and “unconstitutional.”  They may ask.  They need to ask, yet their refusal is direct and compelling evidence that the Democrat Party would rather see residents die and the cities crumble than to let the nation’s resources be called into service.

Recall that the proletariat (literally, “producers of offspring”) are the fodder to be sacrificed in Marxist overthrow.  At the lowest end of that group are the lumpenproletariat, the marginal and economically useless, unemployable masses at the bottom. That’s how Democrats see the Children of Color in our nation’s cities.

Did you get that? Democrats are using the People of Color in Chicago, Atlanta, LA, and Detroit to die for their cause.

The Truth About Everything

This is the first DaveDelany.com blog in several months. It had to be written.  Now knock it off, America!

Your knowledge of the Wuhan, CCP, Covid-19, SARS coronavirus depends on your worldview and your chosen information source.  Whatever you believe is opinion, mixed with possibilities and guesses.  Many (if not most) are politically motivated distortions.

The New York Times and New York Post have opposite information, as do the Washington Times and Washington Post.  In fact, if you think more people have died from the virus in the USA than reported, you are most likely Liberal.  If you think fewer people have died of the virus in the USA, or the right number is being reported, you are Conservative.  That is a published result of a New York Times poll.

On the other hand, if you think more people died in China than reported, you must be Conservative.  If less, or about the right number, were reported from China, you must be Liberal.  Is China responsible for the virus and its global spread?  Conservatives, absolutely yes.  Liberals, absolutely no.

If you think the lock down is mostly a Trump decision, you despise it as a Liberal.  If the Liberal governors of NY, WA, CA, etc. made decisions to seal their individual States, in your Conservative estimation they are the tyrants.

If you followed the news and thought Trump was trying to let people die for a lack of ventilators, you think Liberal.  If Cuomo was laughably pessimistic in wanting 40,000 more, you hang with Conservatives.

In my opinion, there’s something very disturbing and unnatural happening.  It may be because of China, or the US, or the Press, or the Creature from Jekyll Island, or King Minos, but the truth has no part of it.

So, what is the truth?  To quote Uncle Remus, “Ol’ Tar Baby, he say nuttin’.  He just sit there grinnin’.”

Blazing Democrat Saddles

Democrats actually began the impeachment inquiry based on Trump withholding military assistance the way Biden had for Obama/Biden.

Today, the purely damning evidence may have appeared.  It looks now as if Mr. Trump’s administration invited Mr. Zelensky to the White House if he investigated illegal activity of the former White House administration.

Yes, it looks convincing that Trump conditionally invited the President of Ukraine to the White House. GOT HIM!

Mel Brookes is writing this.  This is Blazing Democrat Saddles.   The Democrats started this whole thing accusing Trump of being a Nazi who colluded with Russia.  That’s pretty funny!  What made them think so?  Well, Hillary’s campaign paid a British agent to collude with Russia to trump Trump with the charges, of course.  We absolutely know this. What makes it so funny is that it is still their game plan against their opponent. What makes it even funnier is that their beef with Trump is that he is doing his job, just as he said he would.

Democrats and bureaucrats in both Parties went through a whole list of trial balloons before this one came out, but just consider some of the charges!  Democrats called him a Nazi, and then supported virulently anti-Semitic Tlaib and Omar in Congress.  They called Trump “insane” while running the sleepy, creepy Uncle Joe Biden for his position.  Uncle Joe was the huge leader over the entire field of 20-plus hopeful Democrat nominees.

Democrats also accused Trump of being a war-monger, certain to bring Armageddon. When he turned the other cheek to Iran, and brought soldiers home, and left Syria alone, they instantly accused him of abandoning humanitarian needs and provoking another crisis.

Now, even Obama, the Leftist Mondo, is chastising the Democrat-Socialist Party for running their campaign on destruction and rampage. Mr. Obama also told Sleepy Joe, the geriatric gaff generator, “You don’t have to do this, Joe. Go home to your family.

Great one-liners all the way through.

And now we finally come to the plot. In the eyes of the Deep State and Democrat Self-Immolation Machine, the evil Mr. Trump is unfit to serve our nation because he invited Mr. Zelensky to the White House if he called for an investigation into illegal activity in Ukraine.

The funniest part? Oh, it certainly has to be that Mr. Trump is playing the role of Cleavon Little. He’s the level-headed sheriff of this slapstick stupidity.

Nary a Conspiracy in Sight

Two very large questions remain after the death of Jeffrey Epstein: How bad can our criminal justice system really be? and, How can any cause of death ever be determined if this was a normal autopsy?  On these two questions hang our entire ethical system.

Based on the published “official” version, we already have an unbelievable set of facts.  First, the US Prison system is unimaginably incompetent:

Prisoners are allowed to attempt repeated suicide.
Suicidal inmates are left alone.
Guards sleep at will for whole shifts. 
None of the equipment works. 
Inmates are not monitored. 
There is no procedure for discovery of a dead body.
Dead bodies are moved prior to investigation.
There are no requirements for recording death scenes.
No record of reasons for cell reassignment exists.
Two or three stooges guard the highest profile prisoner so far in the 21st Century.

This is direct evidence based on the official story.  Another casual glance informs us of the process for getting to this amazing point.

Billy Bob and Bubba get to work and fall asleep together a couple of hours into their shift.  They wake up about three hours after that and take a stroll through their assigned area, where they find Jeffrey Epstein lying on the floor. Epstein has been dead almost the exact same amount of time they were sleeping, and he is as stiff as a mannequin.  These prison-keepers move Epstein, remove the ligature, and call 911.  Technicians come to the prison and take the stiff corpse away.  Nobody takes a single photo.

Question two regards the autopsy.  What new evidence came along to change it?

The autopsy could not properly determine cause of death.  Dr. Kristin Roman, who conducted it, indicates “pending” on the autopsy report.  The famous Dr. Michael Baden shares the uncertainty — he observed the entire procedure — and advertises to the public that Epstein’s death is “more consistent with homicide than suicide.”  He discusses in public the relative absurdity of breaking the hyoid bone into four separate pieces by hanging oneself with a sheet from the bunk above.

To this day, every News outlet consistently and wrongly reports “several bones in Epstein’s neck were broken.”  This is wrong.  It was one bone, the hyoid, broken in three different places.  The shape of the hyoid is a “C”.  It is hard to imagine pressure around the neck from a short distance hanging — especially with a twisted sheet — sufficient to “crush” such a bone in three places.

A third doctor, the chief medical examiner, Dr. Barbara Sampson, said the cause of death “is pending further information at this time.”  Sampson, who did not perform the autopsy, announced a week later (after no new evidence) that Epstein hanged himself.  If there was any further information, it has not been made known.  Dr. Sampson, who did not conduct or observe the autopsy, changed the report to “suicide,” and is “confident” in her assessment.  Now, it seems, she was also “confident Epstein hanged himselfbefore the autopsy.

It can hardly be imagined that any human being can prefer the published “truth” over the conspiracies.  IF the story above is the way it actually happened, I prefer a delusion.  We need something to soften the incompetence, corruption, wrongful reporting, and failed analysis.  Most of us would be happier to learn it’s all a lie.

It cannot really be this bad!  Can it?

If It is True

The News coverage and impeachment hearings resemble Pravda and the Soviet show trials of the past.  Secret courts, hidden testimony, with carefully leaked and coordinated daily nuggets of damnation.

It is impressive that Americans will follow this without at least a little surprise and a few questions. The prevailing attitude seems to be, “Oh, well.” The facts, circumstances and consequences have no part, as long as the Deep Hate can provide something unpleasant.

The Deep Hate lives in the The Swamp. It keeps poking up from the muck as Trump’s Presidency continues to open the drain.

The new “evidence” against the President sounds silly in proper context. He asked the new President of the Ukraine to investigate corruption involving the former Administration of the United States. If there is truth to it, we had eight years of truly questionable administration under Obama and Biden that should certainly be exposed and not continued.

If it is true.

If it is not true, it would have fallen away quietly with the Ukrainian report. What is the status of that report, by the way?

One irony in this dirty mess is that the exact charges leveled against Trump first appeared as fabrications manufactured by the Democrats to destroy Trump before he was elected in 2016 by the same crowd that violated Bernie Sanders and the Democrats who supported him.

The greatest irony, however, is that the truth is not upsetting. Trump asked for an investigation, leveraging money already allocated to the Ukraine. Applying this standard of Impeachment faithfully and consistently would mean nobody could ever be President.  And assurances are strong that the next President will be treated normally again . . . as long as he stays away from the Deep Hate that owns us.

We had a good run as a nation.


Only In Progressive America

It finally turns out to be . . .

The impeachment of Trump centers entirely on a request to look into the illegal activities of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. The credible charge (Ignored in America) involves nefarious activities in the Ukraine. Trump withheld money to push the investigation. Yes, the same Joe Biden who denied a billion dollars in aid to the same Ukraine until the Ukrainian ethics officer in charge of his son’s illegal activities was fired.

If you tried to write a script around this, no producer would read it.

Then again, if it involves Donald Trump, then the Press, Progressives, and dedicated Democrats and Republicans in the Never Trump camp simply expect no one needs to believe it. He asked the Ukrainian President to look into serious illegal activity. That, they say, is BAD. After all, who cares what Joe Biden did?

Trump Won’t Even Deny It!  He admits he did it!

Progressive National Socialism

From the beginning, Progressive Socialism has meant the fixed path to Communism, the Borg of Star Trek. Yet those appealing to the “joys of Socialism” never recall that. The many trials of Socialism are not remembered as Socialism, but something else.  In spite of the total adoption of Marxist and Leninist doctrine and the name of Socialism that is attached to it, the following is never associated with today’s Progressives:

“The party is all-embracing. It rules our lives in all their breadth and depth . . . There will be no license, no free space, in which the individual belongs to himself. This is Socialism . . . Let them then own land or factories as much as they please. The decisive factor is that the State, through the party, is supreme over them, regardless whether they are owners or workers . . . We want to start by implementing socialism in our nation among our own people! It is not until the individual nations are socialist that they can address themselves to international socialism.”

There will no longer exist any individual arbitrary will, nor realms in which the individual belongs to himself. The time of happiness as a private matter is over.”

This is not Marx or Lenin or Trotsky, but the avid follower of this “revolutionary and evolutionary genius” named Adolf Hitler. It is the very speech of our current Democrat Party. Yet one man’s opinion is only that! Perhaps you will continue to believe in the Progress of Socialism toward the goal of Communism. Hitler certainly did.  He declared:

But National Socialism always bears in mind the interests of the people as a whole and not the interests of one class or another. The National Socialist Revolution has not aimed at turning a privileged class into a class which will have no rights in the future. Its aim has been to grant equal rights to those social strata that hitherto were denied such rights.

The German people were not some sort of savage race before Hitler came to power, but they believed him, and believed in him.

More than enough Germans (and many Poles, Dutch, Austrians, French, etc.) did what they did because they thought it was just and necessary to the great cause of the magnificent new National Socialism that would lead to the beautiful new Communist world.

Our current American Socialists are not eager to directly join paths with Canada, China or Russia. It is their goal to prepare America, and this Progress is only possible one step at a time, beginning with National Socialism.


Who “They” Are

It remains routinely necessary to address “the evil ones,” to call them out.  Even those who regularly read davedelany.com forget that the rank and file of our electorate are mostly followers of an ideology they think they prefer, almost entirely Republicans or Democrats. Our people are largely distinct from the corruption that drives our political elite.  Voters are victims, bullied and bludgeoned into exactly two distinct camps.

We, the People, refuse to listen to each other.  The elite rejoice in that.

I am often assailed for “being Republican.”  By what standard? I did not vote for Romney, McCain, or Bush, Sr., and only the second time for Junior — as a show of solidarity in light of violence from radical Islam. I barely overcame the nausea while voting for the NY boor, but Hillary was so obviously and blatantly corrupt it was impossible not to do so.  Like so many other Americans, I am now very pleased with my choice.  Can you imagine if she won?

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell remain pointless memories of failed principle and leadership, probable corruption, and proof positive of disdain for the American people from the so-called Right.   Am I, therefore, Democrat?

Hell, no.  It remains impossible to sustain anything like free or happy society on stolen wealth and concentrated power.  That notion now pervades both the Democrats and Republicans, but it is the actual platform of the Democrat Party.

It is the unified Deeper Than That Party that reflects a dishonest agenda — blatant lies — from the Republicans and Democrats alike.  The Republican Party has no interest in the Law of the Land limitations prescribed by the Constitution, and the Democrat Party has no interest in democracy in its pursuit of eliminating competition.

I believe in our Republic, dictated by our U.S. Constitution alone, administered minimally at the national level, semi-autonomously at the 50 State’s level, and mostly by the citizens themselves. It is therefore appropriate to believe in the principles of democracy as they apply to aspects of election, legislation, and certain decision-making administrative choices.  That is the very idea of a democratic-republic.

It is no secret that the very best of Donald Trump is the contempt he receives from the Democrats, the Republicans, the Press, the Deep State, and his diligence in accomplishing exactly what he campaigned to do.

Accused of Russian collusion by Democrats conspiring with a British national to generate false charges; charged also with racism and Nazi sympathies by Democrats who despise Israel and Jews; silenced in repealing our socialized health care plan by Republicans who ran on a platform of repealing that plan; damned as a war-monger by tea leaf readers on both sides; only able to win several of his early battles by enlisting the help of one Democrat Senator while being stabbed by one or two Republicans; and legislatively thwarted on almost everything since . . . What does that make Donald Trump, if not seriously independent?

Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer hate Trump as much as Democrats at the Washington Post or LA Times, and a very large handful of Republican Senators and Congress Critters (not to mention the entire Bush clan) openly despise him.  We, the People, stand alone with Donald Trump.

If Trump wins reelection, it will be the most grassroots support campaign in history, and a buck against every lie, corrupt Party and politician, press pundit, pollster, and every Demoblican Republicrat in the world.  He should win.  We are not “them.”

“They” are the corrupt and contemptible two-Party Top Dogs and career politicians who hate Trump almost as much as they hate the USA.  “They” come from both sides — Republican and Democrat — yet they are neither republican nor democratic.

Nothing At All

Because the truth is easy to find, current abuses of power require no mental skill. No form of logic or reason drive today’s coup attempts.  No rational debate will end the matter.

Reason must be subverted. The purpose and conduct of the coup is irrational.  It cannot and will not stand up to American thinking, jurisprudence, or civility.

The wrangling to unseat President Trump begins with appeals to a blind morality that is not moral, and an unfamiliar ethic without ethical basis that was never seen before in America. Facts actually play no role’ whatsoever.  Lies and contrivances have been so blatant from the start that only literal insanity can justify it. The sources of contempt, hatred, and unrelenting abuse require no truth. In fact, the “truth” pounded into the sand of Trump’s impeachment attempt remains a ghost of the recent Democrat past without even a whisper of legitimacy when turned against him.

Much of this factual info is easy to find, already well established and ignored in print. Rehashing each violation will never change the viewpoint of those demanding — or too busy, unwilling, unaware, or incapable of understanding — the coup .

What remains falls into one category: preparing for the next phase of the Revolution of Hatred.  Oddly, impeaching President Trump for no reason serves them better than finding him guilty.

The escalation of violence against all institutions of reason, justice, faith of any stripe, and historical culture are not new. In 50 years we have watched the rejection of traditional family, marriage, church and synagogue, moral education, self-defense, sexual identity, self-control, moral and legal accountability, individuality and personal independence falling to the whims of the “village,” government controls, “safety,” deviance, lust, and sexual confusion, “faultless” and “societal failures,” so-called “social justice” and “team vision,” novel interpretation and re-definition of vital words and concepts.

In short, we have witnessed a complete inversion of morals, ethics, principles, value, law, manners, custom, tradition, logic, reason, duty, responsibility, accountability, and liberty.

We are now witnessing their overt attempt to single out Donald Trump as a figurehead for the former “way.”

Frankly, Trump is not even all that important. He is merely another Czar Nicholas to the Red October Bolshevik Coup, a President Hindenburg in the eyes of Hitler and his National Socialists, or the last insignificant Chinese dynastic family before Mao’s Communist overthrow.

Trump is no god or king, yet if they can unseat him in this coup, you and I are nothing. There are no rules for getting rid of us, yet they must. We will be prisoners of war, canon fodder, “vile dissidents.” Nothing more.

Nothing at all.

Cheaper Windows

I discovered windows one afternoon and after that, nothing was ever the same.”
Anne Spollen

A “high efficiency” window in an insulated wall works much like a hole in a waterproof container. Insulation and windows can be viewed as opposites.  If you have R-90 in the floor, ceiling and two walls of a cube, and glaze the other two walls with a state of the art triple glazed, low-e, argon-filled, high-priced floor to ceiling window, the overall insulation drops to around R-61, or a 32% drop in efficiency.  If you start with R-30, the overall effect is  smaller, to around R-21, only a 28% drop in insulation value, but the plunge remains. There is no way around it.  The 5th Dimension of Letting the Sunshine In for the Age of Aquarius costs a lot of energy.  And it costs lots of money, if that helps you feel better about it.

Of course there are some profound solutions.  An array of televisions with a camera outside is cheaper than deluxe windows — both installation and energy consumption.  An added benefit is you have a record of the days to rebroadcast when the gloom rolls in.

Another practical solution is higher walls, as I discussed in Art of Architecture for Art.  While this will not change the amount of illumination, it will change its character.

More conventional thinking (yet often ignored) suggests ways of capturing light and directing it through small spaces.  Light comes from the south in the northern hemisphere, so southern glazing makes sense, even in rooms on the North side of a structure.  Directing light through the ceiling/floor joists via bright, reflective ducting works just great, and it provides advantages: one, the light is easily diffused and introduced high in the room, and two, the darker the season, the more direct the source of light into the southern exposure. Yet another is greater security.  And privacy. And fewer drafts.

Speaking of porting light, all square feet of glazing are not all equal.  The advantages of material thickness to insulation is proportional, as is the insulation value of space itself.  If you replace a gazillion dollar low-e, triple-pane, etc. etc., window with a glass block port and a couple of panes of glass along the way to the outlet,  the R-value keeps increasing while the light itself keeps pouring in.

Finally for this article, if you just have to have lots of huge windows so the world can look at you making payments on glazing and spending energy, make them temporary.  Create your own clever system of closing the walls against the windows as much as you know how to close the windows against the storms and cold.  The main times for loss of the most energy tend to be the exact opposite of the times most people want the view (namely, nights and inclement weather) so close the walls when you are not watching.

Or, just turn the TV screens back to yesterday.