Only In Progressive America

It finally turns out to be . . .

The impeachment of Trump centers entirely on a request to look into the illegal activities of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. The credible charge (Ignored in America) involves nefarious activities in the Ukraine. Trump withheld money to push the investigation. Yes, the same Joe Biden who denied a billion dollars in aid to the same Ukraine until the Ukrainian ethics officer in charge of his son’s illegal activities was fired.

If you tried to write a script around this, no producer would read it.

Then again, if it involves Donald Trump, then the Press, Progressives, and dedicated Democrats and Republicans in the Never Trump camp simply expect no one needs to believe it. He asked the Ukrainian President to look into serious illegal activity. That, they say, is BAD. After all, who cares what Joe Biden did?

Trump Won’t Even Deny It!  He admits he did it!

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