Only Bible Study for Now

If this blog is to continue, it will focus on one exclusive topic.  I choose Bible Study, for a lot of good reasons. I choose to start with errors that are destroying the visible, denominational Church.

This page went dormant a couple of  months ago, for a few very good reasons.  The new entries fell off because the blog was not being read.  Knowing that I can write, and knowing that the material was sound and accurate, led to a number of conclusions.

What is most important generally fails to seem important until we know it actually is important.  We, the People, prefer to fight in active battles rather than consider why we fight. or ultimately, what we’re fighting to achieve.  At one point the hits on this page soared because I was addressing a huge headline capturing event.  Readership settled immediately to a terrible low after that.  Low enough not to bother.

Some vital thoughts are hard to grasp.  At least they were for me.  Trying to briefly explain them is important because the ideas are worth understanding.  They should be foundational anchors for everything that follows.  Most foundational issues are difficult, and we often think we already “know enough.”

I certainly understand the idea that “this is hard, and I have no interest in the remote history or deep foundations for what I already believe.”  But that never makes up for the importance of it.  A solid foundation prevents cracks in our understanding.  Cracks that can lead to complete collapse.

I also have presented ideas unknown in the mainstream — even inconsistent with fringe thinking. Yet those ideas are the foundation for everything we tend to believe. I guess you have to discover their importance in order to look for them, and those might just be the limited readership that still find this blog.  I hope so, and I am leaving everything here for those people who really want to know.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I write what I know, and only what I know.  I am somewhat eclectic. That has meant an inconsistent blog.  If somebody finds a “good thought” on my page, they might return to see something totally obscure and unrelated.

I’m not tech savvy.  Some day it would be nice to figure out how I can separate my material more practically, so readers who are interested in a life with Type I diabetes or soil science or Christian cultural stuff or Political stuff don’t have to see each other. Now I sew hiking gear because I hike. That could turn away ther rest of my readership.

In the meanwhile, due to my greatest interest of life, and because of an important new “cause” I am participating in, the next several posts (at least) will only concern themselves with Scripture, Biblical perspective, Christian culture, and the love of Jesus Christ. The most important stuff in the world.

Choosing Scripture as the exclusive subject of this blog might just completely break, or it might cure the problem.  At this point, I may have a new connection to readers who may benefit, and that is what it’s all about.  I don’t do this “just to be heard.”  I write because it would be a shame to go to my grave wasting the entire history of everything I’ve studied, and that’s what I do. Study. Learn. Study. Learn.

I plan to start with a very important contemporary issue: Social justice vs Christian justice vs Earthly justice.  They are not the same. Not even close.

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