New NAFTA, What Else

Clinton agreed to cooperate fully with the investigation. – ABC New, 2016
Kavanaugh said he would “cooperate” with the investigation. – ABC News, 2018

Did you know that three Republican Senators had their personal information “Doxxed” (released illegally) to the public during the Senate hearings on Judge Kavanaugh?  It was traced to the private server of the House of Representatives, but you didn’t read it on mainstream news.  It was only reported by The Daily Caller, The Daily Wire, Fox News, Washington Post, Free Beacon, Huffington Post, etc.  So far, it appears to lead to Maxine Waters office.  No news on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, etc.

Did you know that the third Kavanaugh accuser, Julie Swetnick, was charged in court with falsely accusing a former coworker of sexual misconduct?  She raised hell against a former coworker when she was fired, claiming to be groped.  When it was discovered utterly impossible and unsupported, the company sued her on the employee’s behalf.  You heard nothing if you stick with mainstream news.

It would be nice if our journalists told the truth now and then, even when they didn’t have to.  Sometimes, though, as with news of the enormously successful new trade deal with Mexico and Canada, they have to suck it up and post it.  Even if it is one of the most significant promises Mr. Trump made in Making America Great Again, they still had to report it this morning.  Even though he did it with a screaming Liberal.  They will now try real hard turn it into something bad, like the soaring economy, the employment story, the minority success stories, the small business surge, solid deregulation, the tax cuts, the improving China deal, the new and favorable trend in North Korea, etc.

You might even begin to think they hate Trump because he succeeds and does good things for America.

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