Nary a Conspiracy in Sight

Two very large questions remain after the death of Jeffrey Epstein: How bad can our criminal justice system really be? and, How can any cause of death ever be determined if this was a normal autopsy?  On these two questions hang our entire ethical system.

Based on the published “official” version, we already have an unbelievable set of facts.  First, the US Prison system is unimaginably incompetent:

Prisoners are allowed to attempt repeated suicide.
Suicidal inmates are left alone.
Guards sleep at will for whole shifts. 
None of the equipment works. 
Inmates are not monitored. 
There is no procedure for discovery of a dead body.
Dead bodies are moved prior to investigation.
There are no requirements for recording death scenes.
No record of reasons for cell reassignment exists.
Two or three stooges guard the highest profile prisoner so far in the 21st Century.

This is direct evidence based on the official story.  Another casual glance informs us of the process for getting to this amazing point.

Billy Bob and Bubba get to work and fall asleep together a couple of hours into their shift.  They wake up about three hours after that and take a stroll through their assigned area, where they find Jeffrey Epstein lying on the floor. Epstein has been dead almost the exact same amount of time they were sleeping, and he is as stiff as a mannequin.  These prison-keepers move Epstein, remove the ligature, and call 911.  Technicians come to the prison and take the stiff corpse away.  Nobody takes a single photo.

Question two regards the autopsy.  What new evidence came along to change it?

The autopsy could not properly determine cause of death.  Dr. Kristin Roman, who conducted it, indicates “pending” on the autopsy report.  The famous Dr. Michael Baden shares the uncertainty — he observed the entire procedure — and advertises to the public that Epstein’s death is “more consistent with homicide than suicide.”  He discusses in public the relative absurdity of breaking the hyoid bone into four separate pieces by hanging oneself with a sheet from the bunk above.

To this day, every News outlet consistently and wrongly reports “several bones in Epstein’s neck were broken.”  This is wrong.  It was one bone, the hyoid, broken in three different places.  The shape of the hyoid is a “C”.  It is hard to imagine pressure around the neck from a short distance hanging — especially with a twisted sheet — sufficient to “crush” such a bone in three places.

A third doctor, the chief medical examiner, Dr. Barbara Sampson, said the cause of death “is pending further information at this time.”  Sampson, who did not perform the autopsy, announced a week later (after no new evidence) that Epstein hanged himself.  If there was any further information, it has not been made known.  Dr. Sampson, who did not conduct or observe the autopsy, changed the report to “suicide,” and is “confident” in her assessment.  Now, it seems, she was also “confident Epstein hanged himselfbefore the autopsy.

It can hardly be imagined that any human being can prefer the published “truth” over the conspiracies.  IF the story above is the way it actually happened, I prefer a delusion.  We need something to soften the incompetence, corruption, wrongful reporting, and failed analysis.  Most of us would be happier to learn it’s all a lie.

It cannot really be this bad!  Can it?

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