Manchurian Democrats

I readily admit to being angry. Yet again, a Manchurian Democrat accused me of racism for the unpardonable sin of supporting Donald Trump. This time, though, it pushed the wrong button on the wrong day, so I pledged to myself that I will spend the rest of my life exposing Democrat idiocy, bigotry, arrogance, dishonesty, and indoctrination.

First, though, I want to make it perfectly clear that most Democratic voters want something good for their families and communities.  They have been duped, sold out, convinced of so many lies that truth no longer holds meaning.

Most rank and file Democrats do not understand their own Party. They just feel it. I have yet to find one who could articulately reason their Partisan agenda. My own father was a lifer Manchurian Democrat. I would ask him questions, and he would answer with bumper sticker slogans.  When I asked him to explain, he would look at me with contempt and say, “If you don’t understand it, I certainly can’t explain it to you!” It was as if I pulled a deck of cards from my pocket. “It’s a red queen, baby! 52 of ’em.” I loved my pop, but never his political views.

One of the loves of my life was another Manchurian Democrat. The modern BLM Antifa variety, but back in the early ’70’s. She was always protesting something, ready to throw rocks and burn things for “the cause.”

“Why?” I would ask her. “Protest is good!” she would answer knowingly, with that same dazed look. A red queen.

The third example is a nice guy, but I had to delete him from social media. Every time I made any political comment whatever, his stock response was, “tRump is racist. You’re racist.” I would never unfriend somebody for political views, only for being mind-controlled. A red queen. 52 of ’em, usually, but he was missing a few from his deck.

The same applies to you. There is no condemnation for your political views, but do not lie. If you support Sleepy Joe, you need to acknowledge you support the most racist and possibly second most corrupt “top of the line” politician since Robert Byrd or David Duke. Joe Biden is a racist gaffe machine. The only proof you need are Joe’s quotes.

It would be a shame to hear you say you despise filthy Capitalism yet support the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi, Marc Warner, Jerod Polis, John Delaney, Richard Blumenthal, Scott Peters, and Diane Feinstein are seven of the 10 richest Congress Critters, and multimillionaire Democrats. (Pelosi, Delaney, and Polis are actually hundred millionaires.) Two are Republican, but I don’t know what Party the last one is since Darryl Issa is out.

Do “Black Lives Matter”?  Virtually all Americans say “yes,” yet only Democrats would rather see rampant crime, mayhem, rape and murder go unchecked in our predominantly Black cities.  The reasoning?  By refusing help, they can claim that the President’s assistance is “forced,” and “unconstitutional.”  They may ask.  They need to ask, yet their refusal is direct and compelling evidence that the Democrat Party would rather see residents die and the cities crumble than to let the nation’s resources be called into service.

Recall that the proletariat (literally, “producers of offspring”) are the fodder to be sacrificed in Marxist overthrow.  At the lowest end of that group are the lumpenproletariat, the marginal and economically useless, unemployable masses at the bottom. That’s how Democrats see the Children of Color in our nation’s cities.

Did you get that? Democrats are using the People of Color in Chicago, Atlanta, LA, and Detroit to die for their cause.

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