Epstein Suicide Update

The Washington Post reports that Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy reveals “broken bones in the neck, including the hyoid bone.”  The hyoid bone is the bone that forms a sort of protective collar at the base of the jaw.  It is the the only bone besides the spine itself in the neck. The quote is “bones,” plural, in the original. The only other bones in the neck are the vertebra of the spine. Several dozen spinoff reports, from virtually every News agency, ignores the plural “bones” statement. Each briefly mention the hyoid bone.

Along with exclusive coverage of the broken bones, the Post also stands alone in reporting the cause for the delay.  Because of the “unusual” finding, the Medical Examiner (and former Chief Medical Examiner and observer, Dr. Michael Baden) ruled the results “pending.” They are seeking any video or other information that may indicate other people entering or exiting the cell during the night, and any toxicology information that might indicate Epstein was drugged. (Extremely unlikely, unless an amateur sneaked in to kill him.) This remarkably significant announcement comes as no surprise, but points to earlier reports that “none of the cameras show Epstein’s cell, or a number of critical pathways to and from his cell.” How terribly inconvenient that the US Dept of Corrections has no indication of who came or went during the night.

It was also reported over and over again that “Epstein attempted suicide just two weeks before,” yet that was never admitted or established.  Epstein himself claimed someone tried to kill him.  He was found “unconscious in a fetal position on the floor of his cell, with bruises on his neck.” That would be a strange way to discover an attempted suicide by hanging, indeed!

The next step was to remove Epstein’s ex-cop cellmate, Nicholas Tartaglione, who called for help the night Epstein was found. That meant Epstein was alone. That does seem remarkable. If he tried to commit suicide, he should not be left alone, but strangely, he was not on suicide watch, indicating he had no desire to commit suicide. We can only imagine what a man found unconscious on the floor of his cell with bruising on his neck and no desire to kill himself was doing alone and isolated from any observation in his solitary cell when he committed suicide.

This is not new to our Criminal Justice system, of course. During the Clinton administration, a suspicious and tragic death led to a full-scale Congressional investigation that still has no resolution. It seems our federal prison system has remained its own watchdog and operates by its own rules. The Hill’s John Solomon covers this scandal superbly. You can read about it at The Hill, here.

The federal prison system has placed the full responsibility on the guards. All three were suspended. That clears up everything.

Special note: if yesterday’s introduction (The Epstein Conspiracy, Theory or Not) left you wondering if I am critical of the Corrections Officers themselves, absolutely not. Where I wrote, “abject incompetence at every stage of our ‘justice system,’ ” I only include what corruption may be central to the administrative problems, horrible management decisions, and hideous outcomes of a rogue DOC.

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