Get Trump

Everything is tailored to Get Trump.  The mainstream propaganda machine generates item after item to put his Presidency to an end. Everything, including the health and welfare of our nation, takes a back seat to hating the sitting President.

There are no limits.  Truth means nothing.  Retractions come almost daily, along with new allegations clipped from thin air.   Overlooking accomplishments is routine.  The news of trade, economic, diplomatic, business, and decreased regulatory hurdles are either slammed or overlooked, credited to Obama (and even Bush!)  The improved racial parity, growing support for Trump from minority populations, and reduced racial vitriol in major arenas are met with silence.    Foreign State praise and cooperation is ignored, belittled, demeaned, and discredited on those rare occasions when they are mentioned.

Where does all this hatred originate?  Can Donald Trump be the reincarnation of Jack, the Ripper and Adolf Hitler?  Every President gets ugly Press from the opposition, but wow.  Wow.

The primary direction of most of the hatred seems to go three directions: his sleaze and womanizing ugliness, his crazy lies, and his Russian involvement in screwing the American people by influencing honest elections.

My description of Trump from the very start was “a spoiled, sexually immature, macho New York style boor.”  I stand by that fully.  It answers every bit of charge one.  The voting public knew for years that Donald Trump was a spoiled, sexually immature, macho New York style boor.  We voted for him that way — not because of admiration or appreciation of that character, but in spite of it.

His “crazy lies” almost all stem from two sources: his spoiled, sexually immature, macho New York style boorisness, and his over-the-top hyperbole.  What his haters call “crazy lies” generally come from silly statements like, “We’re doing the absolute best ever!”

“The guy,” they say, “must be nuts.  We’re barely doing the best since 1979.”  And then they attribute that success to Carter and Reagan, for instance.  Or Bush and Obama.  Or Russia.  Anything but Trump.

Russian meddling?  Nothing there yet, but one day it has to come out.  It has to be there.  It just has to be.  What’s taking so long?

The real trouble with Trump is that he has no Party, no Party loyalty, no leash or muzzle, and no Deep State loyalty.  He is the ultimate outsider.  To make it even  worse, his candidacy was the assurance of loss.

It was Hillary’s turn.

It is no surprise that Pelosi, Durbin, and Schumer hate Trump.  It’s their job to hate every “R” and work against every “R” success.  But Ryan and McConnell hate Trump.  Hatred might overstate it, but about 2/3 of the Senate dislike Trump.  Although he has died, McCain was among the most noisy, along with Lindsley Graham, the Bush family, etc.  The most deeply inside of the Insiders.

That’s why Washington, DC, the RNC, DNC, and the Propaganda machine of the United States hate Trump.

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Science and Religion

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “science” as “knowledge compared with ignorance; systematized knowledge, such as, the science of theology.”  The use of science in a religious context is refreshing.

The scientific method means direct observations.  The results that can be studied and repeated.  That makes many “science interests” difficult, or virtually impossible.  Ideas that can be conjured according to hopes and expectations (mythology) or tested continually for further development and potential realization (philosophy)  Some of these philosophies might not be disproved, but certainly can never be proven, either.  The best philosophies of substance can approach truth, yet almost always this “science” fails at some point.

The best illustration of this is Newtonian physics.  Newton’s absolutes worked.  In fact, they still work.  Einstein’s relativity replaced Newton.  Chaos theory turns relativity into mush more than Einstein turned absolutes into mush.  It keeps changing, but the mythology remains mostly adequate to our current understanding.  The myths, legends, and traditions continue. It is a powerful faith.

The faith lives on the notion that nothing interfered, ever.  We started with nothing.  It exploded, everywhere.  Everywhere happened because nothing blew up.  It fell from chaos and began crashing into order and rules.

And like that.

And then we have the science of theology.  It never changes.  It remains the same, yesterday, today, and forever.  Despite the rites, religiosity, and sectarian doctrine of the biologists, geologists and physicists, theology remains.  It grows more certain with each new observation of the real world.

Is that amazing?  No, it’s science.

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What Age Can Do for You

I was looking for a specific Ben Franklin quote.  Instead, the general concept of his wisdom stared at me.  Paraphrasing what he said (that I could not find) “The work of retirement is to apply oneself to science and industry to ease burdens for the next generation.”

What I find now is a preference among the young to sneer at the wisdom of an old man, and to laugh at “industry.”  Many of my contemporaries don’t want an easier time for their successors — especially if they must “donate” something like time or effort (aka industry), so I guess that isn’t reserved to the young.

A while back folks started talking about the “me generation,” but that’s the only one I ever knew.  The “you generation” probably never existed.  We simply look back and forget most of the selfish sons of bitches who proceeded us.  That makes it easier to wonder about the amazing generation that produced (name your hero) and Ben Franklin.

There are a lot of us old buzzards out here, looking to do what we can for you.  No, I seriously doubt if we’re commonplace, but we followed the idiots long enough to know the wrong paths.  It probably wouldn’t hurt you to learn — you know, stuff like what sort of shoes to wear in the muck you’re busy stirring up. Stuff like that.

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