If It is True

The News coverage and impeachment hearings resemble Pravda and the Soviet show trials of the past.  Secret courts, hidden testimony, with carefully leaked and coordinated daily nuggets of damnation.

It is impressive that Americans will follow this without at least a little surprise and a few questions. The prevailing attitude seems to be, “Oh, well.” The facts, circumstances and consequences have no part, as long as the Deep Hate can provide something unpleasant.

The Deep Hate lives in the The Swamp. It keeps poking up from the muck as Trump’s Presidency continues to open the drain.

The new “evidence” against the President sounds silly in proper context. He asked the new President of the Ukraine to investigate corruption involving the former Administration of the United States. If there is truth to it, we had eight years of truly questionable administration under Obama and Biden that should certainly be exposed and not continued.

If it is true.

If it is not true, it would have fallen away quietly with the Ukrainian report. What is the status of that report, by the way?

One irony in this dirty mess is that the exact charges leveled against Trump first appeared as fabrications manufactured by the Democrats to destroy Trump before he was elected in 2016 by the same crowd that violated Bernie Sanders and the Democrats who supported him.

The greatest irony, however, is that the truth is not upsetting. Trump asked for an investigation, leveraging money already allocated to the Ukraine. Applying this standard of Impeachment faithfully and consistently would mean nobody could ever be President.  And assurances are strong that the next President will be treated normally again . . . as long as he stays away from the Deep Hate that owns us.

We had a good run as a nation.


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Epstein Suicide Update

The Washington Post reports that Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy reveals “broken bones in the neck, including the hyoid bone.”  The hyoid bone is the bone that forms a sort of protective collar at the base of the jaw.  It is the the only bone besides the spine itself in the neck. The quote is “bones,” plural, in the original. The only other bones in the neck are the vertebra of the spine. Several dozen spinoff reports, from virtually every News agency, ignores the plural “bones” statement. Each briefly mention the hyoid bone.

Along with exclusive coverage of the broken bones, the Post also stands alone in reporting the cause for the delay.  Because of the “unusual” finding, the Medical Examiner (and former Chief Medical Examiner and observer, Dr. Michael Baden) ruled the results “pending.” They are seeking any video or other information that may indicate other people entering or exiting the cell during the night, and any toxicology information that might indicate Epstein was drugged. (Extremely unlikely, unless an amateur sneaked in to kill him.) This remarkably significant announcement comes as no surprise, but points to earlier reports that “none of the cameras show Epstein’s cell, or a number of critical pathways to and from his cell.” How terribly inconvenient that the US Dept of Corrections has no indication of who came or went during the night.

It was also reported over and over again that “Epstein attempted suicide just two weeks before,” yet that was never admitted or established.  Epstein himself claimed someone tried to kill him.  He was found “unconscious in a fetal position on the floor of his cell, with bruises on his neck.” That would be a strange way to discover an attempted suicide by hanging, indeed!

The next step was to remove Epstein’s ex-cop cellmate, Nicholas Tartaglione, who called for help the night Epstein was found. That meant Epstein was alone. That does seem remarkable. If he tried to commit suicide, he should not be left alone, but strangely, he was not on suicide watch, indicating he had no desire to commit suicide. We can only imagine what a man found unconscious on the floor of his cell with bruising on his neck and no desire to kill himself was doing alone and isolated from any observation in his solitary cell when he committed suicide.

This is not new to our Criminal Justice system, of course. During the Clinton administration, a suspicious and tragic death led to a full-scale Congressional investigation that still has no resolution. It seems our federal prison system has remained its own watchdog and operates by its own rules. The Hill’s John Solomon covers this scandal superbly. You can read about it at The Hill, here.

The federal prison system has placed the full responsibility on the guards. All three were suspended. That clears up everything.

Special note: if yesterday’s introduction (The Epstein Conspiracy, Theory or Not) left you wondering if I am critical of the Corrections Officers themselves, absolutely not. Where I wrote, “abject incompetence at every stage of our ‘justice system,’ ” I only include what corruption may be central to the administrative problems, horrible management decisions, and hideous outcomes of a rogue DOC.

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The Epstein Conspiracy, Theory or Not

Epstein. Now dead. Could it possibly be anything but conspiracy? Convicted pedophile. Known abuser. Sex trafficker. Sleaze bag. You pick the disgusting title of your choosing, and it probably fits. Jeffrey Epstein was a major moral mess in a morass of political connections and high society. His real claim to fame is from his place as the most important prisoner since at least El Chapo — who escaped.

No person needs a credible conspiracy theory to determine that a conspiracy of evil certainly exists.

Death might be an appropriate end, but it is not satisfying or proper. It is hard to imagine people grieving his shortcut to hell, but along with his wretched life went a list of names and faces that should be placed along side him in the low-life hall of fame. He deserves the company of those who shared his life and slaves, perversions, and lurid pleasure derived from victims of human power.

This case involves the biggest names in the world. Former President Bill Clinton, British royalty, Kevin Spacey, possibly the sitting President Donald Trump. Congress members past and present. A truly bi-partisan list. And Epstein was ignored all night.

What may we conclude? At the very least, abject incompetence at every stage of our “justice system.” Even if he simply killed himself, there is no possible way to justify the negligence and nonchalance of the corrupt system that had responsibility to preserve him and care for him until trial. No rational person should idly accept that determination. Only the vigorously naive will start there.

Again, no person needs a credible conspiracy theory to determine that a conspiracy of evil certainly exists.

He was left alone, utterly ignored by guards, staffed by “unknown personnel,” without cameras to monitor or even record the activities in his cell. ABC and NBC report “shouting and screams were heard coming from his cell.” A hurried autopsy was to be completed Sunday afternoon, but as of early Tuesday evening, that autopsy is still “awaiting further information.” No report of what information they are awaiting, or who is creating it.

He attempted suicide already. Is that true?

Reread your papers, or your online sources. “Epstein was placed on suicide watch after he was found with marks on his neck.” Two weeks later, he was not on suicide watch, was housed alone, was ignored, and found dead in the morning.

No person needs a credible conspiracy theory to determine that a conspiracy of evil certainly exists.

No rational individual can dismiss this without at least some thought of very, very deep corruption. No moral agent can reach an innocent conclusion without entertaining some thought of Epstein being “suicided.” Nobody can trust the deepest of the Deep State that almost certainly — in one way or several — stinks at every turn of Epstein’s corpse.

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Religious Voodoo

[The truly perceptive will note and understand that before we found out who she was, the Wicked Witch of the West rode in on a bicycle.]

Pilate said to him, “What is truth? – John 18:38

Intelligence, reason, and logic are not what they used to be.  Irrefutable facts bow down to theories today. Facts can be acceptably over-ridden.  Life is fantasy.  Science is religion.  Truth, if it exists at all, is only one part of reality.

It is easy to spot fantasy if we honestly look, but the fantasy prevents looking. Well meaning “religionists” prefer to make truth the “alternate reality.”

There is a vague understanding of this in psychology texts.  Called Fantasy Prone Personality Disorder (FPPD), it is associated with growing with up around schizophrenia.  It results in a “privileged opportunity to avoid responsibility, refuse conformity, and abandon accountability.”  Sound familiar?

It shows clearly in the religion of science (not to be confused with real science.) Two of the holy slogans in religious science are, “We Now Know . . .” (meaning,“We changed our mind yet again.”) and “Science Tells Us . . .” (meaning, “How dare you challenge this statement?”

As an example of both, Nature magazine published horrifying “science” that suggested the rise in temperature was much higher “than anticipated,” Mainlined News bought it.  When math errors were found in the artificial neural network calculations (more on that in a moment), the frightening conclusion disappeared.

“Just a few hours of analysis and calculations was sufficient to uncover apparently serious (but surely inadvertent) errors in the underlying calculations.”  Surely inadvertent.  In a sincere quest for truth, Nature immediately retracted the whole thing, and dedicated an article to correcting the false data. . .

Oh, wait a minute.  No, they did not.  You can still read it here.  The “correction” that appears (if you look hard enough to find it at the end) says simply, “Editor’s Note: We would like to alert readers that the authors have informed us of errors in the paper. An implication of the errors is that the uncertainties in ocean heat content are substantially underestimated.

Even that sounds scary to Fantasy sufferers, and clearly comes from a Fantasy perspective.  “Wow! We can’t even determine how bad it is! We now know it could be worse!  They underestimated!”  Not really.  They screwed up the math. There is nothing to see.

Speaking of math, you may remember learning that you can never get an answer more exact than the limits of the data you enter.  It is impossible (and very wrong) to claim that “roughly two x about two precisely equals 4.17419.”  That is, unless you are a True Science Believer.

Here are two graphs, both offered by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) showing how easy it is to make truth.

NOAA science priests were able to “correct” the false, actual data from the first graph and turn it into the quality assured reality of the second graph using mathematics and sound scientific religion.  Here’s how:

The history of climate research goes back to days when wind speed was determined by the sting on your face, and sea temperature was calculated by randomly hoisting a bucket onto a ship and sticking an analog thermometer into it.  The priests of climate science now know how to divine the truth.  First you guess, then you create an impressive formula to make it work in your favor.

Seriously.  They even have a name for their guesses.  First, they give the guess an impressive feminine name, ANN: “Artificial Neural Network.” (Artificial means “not real,” neural means “brain,” and network means “linked together.”  They create fake brains to link their guesses.)  Insert your dream and a dollar. ANN will make it true.

They then assemble their intended guesses, and determine how much they want to fix the history by the size of the fudge factor to insert (called “synaptic weights”) and apply them as truth generators (“activation functions”) to create the truth from possibly careless, corrupt, and missing data. From this mathematical scientific religion they are able to to reveal the fudge factors (“hidden nodes”) that will be true and correct.  No kidding.  This is as real as it is incredible.  Om, or whatever.

“Inputs are multiplied by synaptic weights and then fed to the layers through a transfer function (activation function). The transfer function f converts the summation of the synaptic weights vector and inputs vector to a corresponding output vector y as

Alchemy.  The mystic art of change made possible by Fantasy in the Temples and Mosques of the scientific religion.

ANN’s Fantasy Prone Personality Disorder also applies to politics, of course.  If you do not like him, or if you are a Democrat, that is not enough.  We now know the current President is insane, fascist, racist, misogynistic, bigoted, stupid, anti-American, hateful, delusional, pro-Soviet, Nazi-like, a war hawk, homophobic, etc., etc., etc., etc.  Just plug in your intended function, and, “It’s all true. There is no discovered evidence, but it works in our formula, and we believe it.

So, it is all artificially neural networked to be truth.  Or, you can be a backwoods Bible believers who understands,

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32

By all means, PLEASE share comments!


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What is an Invasion?

Generally, an “invasion” requires military involvement, but not always.  Invasion does include military objectives or force sufficient to overwhelm a land’s defenses.  King Hassan sent the so-called Green March invasion force of starving refugees to win political victory over the entrenched Spanish troops.  It is not important to debate that 1975 invasion here.  I take no political side in that affair.  It is just a great example of a non-violent invasion, not too different from what we have at our Southern border.

The Moroccan invasion resulted in lots of bloodshed and violence on all sides.  It also seized huge investments by both the Spanish and Angolans. Clever at the time, it resulted in a long, bloody war.  No mistake, it was definitely an invasion like ours at the Southern border.

Webster wrote the first American dictionary to make certain the words of the new Republic were recorded, in part to “record the variance” between American and English, and partly to assure a precise account of “the republican debate for future generations.”  Invasion was far more to our founders than merely military, but also any hostile entry into our lands to usurp the rights or property of our citizens, or to enter illegally with a view to plunder rights or privileges.

This is no longer in our dictionaries, but it remains in the context of our Founder’s intentions, and part of the definition of what President Trump is facing at our Southern border.

It is such a delight to the corrupt leadership of the Democrat Party that they want to stop him at any cost.  If a few million more illegal invaders can slip in, what’s to stop them from re-inventing and redefining America?  Invasion is the correct name for what is happening at our Southern border.  Those who support the invasion in our halls of Congress are just as bad, but there we call it treason.


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How to Give

I deem it the duty of every man to devote a certain portion of his income for charitable purposes; and that it is his further duty to see it so applied as to do the most good of which it is capable. This I believe to be best insured, by keeping within the circle of his own inquiry and information the subjects of distress to whose relief his contributions shall be applied.” – Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson would never compel charitable giving.  He considered it an individual’s “duty.”  A duty is a moral obligation or responsibility, like voting in a free republic, or protecting one’s family.

The circle of his own inquiry” suggests what we might call “doing our own research.”  Doing good involves doing the most good, in Jefferson’s opinion.  That can mean finding the most pathetic and downtrodden, weakest and most vulnerable, defenseless or nearest death individuals.  Or it may mean a few dollars here there to dozens of struggling businesses.  Or maybe a single donation each year to an impoverished family for a child’s important operation.

“Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government.”

In terms of money itself, the only limit on necessity is “more,” so we really can not give too much.  If you think of it in terms of the US Govt, 3,000 billionaires surrendering everything would simply pay a year of status quo taxes. And then the billionaires would all be gone. Paying taxes has nothing to do with charity or good works, but it is another duty . . . within reason.

Two of my primary charities are both orphanages.  One in Kenya, one in Pakistan.  They always need help, and I have watched as they monitor and photograph the lives of the children.  At first it was a kid here and there with a special smile, then the new kids.  The directors with whom the interaction takes place.  The longer I watch, the easier it is to send money through Paypal.  I have no doubt of their good work, the sincerity of their missions in terrible places.

Perhaps most interesting is that both orphanages encourage me to visit.

And I have to admit it is tempting, but if I did visit either of them, it would cost my entire charity budget for more than a year.  And that is how I ultimately know my choices are good ones.

Both directors have repeatedly told me, “The children would be more blessed, excited, and encouraged to meet you than to eat or wear good clothes.”  Let that sink in.

And that means I have to admit I am afraid to go where these incredible people live all day, every day — especially central Pakistan.

George Washington was incredibly generous to individuals, organizations, schools, churches, and missions to poor Americans.  He almost never talked about it, but he did say,  “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.

There are 26 children in the Kenya orphanage right now.  Every once in a while Director James in the Kenya home writes to me and says, “The kids have nothing to eat today. The pantry is completely empty.”  That sounds like a scam, right?

I no longer believe it a scam, even for a second.  At all.  James told me this morning it costs $32/day to feed the kids if they can buy in bulk for the month, “and that includes the salt, oils and spices. . .”It’s terrible when it gets this bad.  To run out locally and buy a day of food costs $52.

$960 to feed around 26 beautiful kids for a month.  $37 apiece. A buck and a quarter per day.  Add another quarter each day for clothes.

I won’t tell you who they are in this post — in part, for the safety of Munir and the Pakistani children . . . but I would be happy to tell you as part of your personal inquiry!  Do your own research, and I pray you feel really uncomfortable if you do nothing with freedom’s duty.




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Reddened Black Face

Several recent political witch hunts worked out poorly, but nobody saw the fallout for Democrats and blackface.  It seems that everyone destined to go into Democrat politics in Virginia has a recorded event of blackface in his past.  Oddly, the blackface seems to be an excuse for worse crimes and hideous morality, but now they started their inquest and must let it run its course.

It appears that the Jimmys, Kimmel and Fallon, Sarah Silverman and other Democrat show hosts also donned the blackface for some reason.  Republicans, too, but their center of guilt seems to be Florida. Blackface is something Democrats have always accused Republicans of, so . . . eh, who cares.

The particular irony comes from blackface being thrown — by Democrats! — at one of their own, precisely because they felt that blackface was a minor charge.

Obviously, Democrats do not care about shoe polish or theatrical makeup.  They calculated that the petty charge would never hold — there would be a long public shriek that would settle quickly enough.  Oops.  It started expanding.

The real horror is that Governor Northam celebrates the murder of children with vigor and enthusiasm.  “Keep it comfortable until you make the decision,” he said. The bill itself included tolerance for killing the child right up to the point of breathing air. “‘My bill would allow that. Yes,’ Tran said, as calmly as any grocery store butcher goes about their business,” and that comes from USA Today, a publication lacking in moral foundations.

Many Democrats are favorable to delivering the head then cutting it off, or laying the child on a table and discussing whether to kill it, but they use “safe” political language to say it.  This thing on the right is a fetus, tissue. Nancy Pelosi commented on President Trump’s objection by saying, “It’s really quite a sad thing when you know that we’ll be talking about something that applies to the health and life — health and ability to have other children of women.”  Who’s health? Whose life are we talking about after the child is born?  It is the mockery of murder, the disease of abortion.  It no longer means anything to kill children right up to the birth canal because it is a political issue, not a moral one.  Not moral right, but “civil rights,” and those only of women, and those only who already hate, fear, or dread motherhood.

So Northam will go down for actually saying it, but through the charge of blackface.  Dreadful, isn’t it?  His “utter moral failure” is for wearing blackface, not for revealing the hidden language of abortion.  The nature of hatred for all Blacks in America has now been leveled against a host of Liberals because nobody wanted to say the truth is really that they just hate children before, during, and soon after birth.

One last comment: if killing babies isn’t hatred and violence, what is?

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What Process Truth

“We would never have known by what process truth is to be ascertained, if we had not previously ascertained many truths. . . Doubtless, the most effectual mode of showing how the sciences of Ethics and Politics may be constructed would be to construct them.”


Although the majority of the book is grindingly slow, somewhat like milling bones, John Stuart Mill’s A System Of Logic, Ratiocinative And Inductive, Book V literally explodes with the wisdom of the first four books.

Creating a rationally ethical political system does not begin with a blank slate.  It is often argued (even by me) that our nation indeed tried “something new.” They did it, however, by carefully considering and applying the wisdom of a broken world against the cumulative success and brilliance of a shadowed past.

We do know the very best and most sublime government in the history of the world, and we can see how we abandoned it over time.  We can all see what a horrible mess it has become, and why.

It still exists, and no rational person can deny that the founders of America: the Great Experiment, knew by what process truth was to be obtained.  They constructed this nation on the highest ethics and politics ever conceived or implemented to create the envy of this world’s history.

It only stopped working because we let it.  We allowed the power, wealth, immorality, and greed that chewed up and swallowed every nation become the government of this one.

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Remarkable Politics, Mr. Powell

“Baffling” might be the best way to describe the blather coming from the Partisan Loyalists on both sides of the aisle when it comes to President Donald Trump.  To them, Democrats and Republicans run on lies so they can simply act in similar ways once in office.  They despise Mr. Trump, and their main reason is, he is completing and ticking off one campaign promise after another.

“Confusing” could be used to describe, for instance, Colin Powell’s remarks today.  He actually invoked his “favorite three words in the Constitution: ‘we the people’ . . . Recently, it has become ‘me the president’ as opposed to ‘we the people,’” Powell said.

“Stupid” could define the examples he used: our trade deals, for instance.  Trump ran on removing and rewriting those trade deals. (He succeeed.)  Powell mentioned angering our allies.  Trump ran for President on the clear terms that he would get our allies to stop cheating us. (Succeeding.)

“Idiotic” Mr. Powell mentioned “insulting everybody.”  Powell heard the President’s promises that came out in such boorish tones against everybody, and now he gets to watch as jobs seem particularly good for minorities.  (Success.)  Trump promised lower taxes, and he delivered by twisting a lot of arms — as promised. (success.)

“Bi-Partisan” Colin Powell voted with other Leftists and RINO’s for Hillary.  Nobody has to like our most successful President, but Mr. Powell goes too far when he calls his Never Trump opinions, “ours.” They were yours, Hillary’s, and the FBI’s, Mr. Powell.  “We, the People,” bested you.

We, the People” liked what we heard from Mr. Trump.  We voted for what he said he would do.   We love watching him do it!  We beat the Leftists and RINO’s who went so far as to team up against our duly elected President as the bi-Partisan team to elect Hillary . . .  and you lost.

The Majority see low unemployment as a very good thing.  We like low taxes and low inflation.  We are pleased by a booming economy with more good jobs. We appreciate good trade deals and shared responsibility in our international obligations.  We support our allies where it counts (like Israel, Canada, and Mexico) and real consequences for our enemies (like Iran, Syria, and China.)  To us, it became sickening to pay lip service, offer preferred status to tyrants, pay pallets of cash to our enemies, and make regular welfare to our wealthy couch potato friends through guns, ammo, and chronically deferred payments from them.

Remarkable politics, Mr. Powell.  We, the American people, plan to smash the Progressive, Liberal, and RINO NWO agenda again in November.  We are not able to declare victory yet, but since you and yours have no respect for us at this point, I suspect you might be in trouble.  In fact, I’d love to see you publish a list of who you really support.  I suspect they are all as deep in the state as you appear to be, sir.

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Move On, Democrats

This post barely slips past pointless personal opinion.  You will not find a great deal of new data here today.  No apologies, just fair notice.  It is way past time for the Democrats to grow up and move on.

Now that it appears Kavanaugh will be confirmed, the House Democrats are already ranting.  Nadler, from New York’s Liberal 10th, already blurted, “If he is on the Supreme Court and the Senate hasn’t investigated, then the House will have to.  We would have to investigate any credible allegations certainly of perjury and other things that haven’t been properly looked at before.

Of course, the Senate investigated, but wasted their investigation demanding an FBI investigation.  The FBI investigated again (seven times now) and found no problems.  The Democrats were incensed that the FBI did not interview Ford, but the Senate Democrats had months to interview and investigate Ford.  They put her on trial and frothed against Kavanaugh all day.  And her “witnesses” all said, “Nope. No truth here, folks.”  Move On.

Gutierrez and Leiu, spewing Democrats from “resist” locations in Illinois and California, already want Kavanaugh impeached.  Now that vicious Democrats like these two and Maxine Waters have lost their venom, they keep biting like sterile rodents.  They’re going to leave marks and strings of broken teeth all the way to election day.  It is almost amazing.

Some speak of repression, as though the truth is still out there, ignored.  No one said it better than Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, another rabid New Yorker, “This is a disgrace what’s happened in the United States Senate.  And obviously we have to find ways to make sure the truth is eventually brought to light, whether Kavanaugh is confirmed or not.”  Yeah, as soon as we find it.  Just wait until we invent something.  And it certainly is a disgrace.  Pathetic.

A whole bunch of fuming Democrats complain that the procedure of reviewing a nominee’s public record has been completely disregarded.  They have had all the time necessary — over two months! — to review a complete and wide open list of everything in Kavanaugh’s history.  If it was not read, it was only because they already knew they would find a spotless, professional, and pointedly remarkable record of public service.

If these were our fellows — neighbors, friends, coworkers — and they behaved like this, we would ask them to Move On.  And that is precisely what should happen each election day until the sleaze all get un-elected.  Except those who should go straight to jail.

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