What is an Invasion?

Generally, an “invasion” requires military involvement, but not always.  Invasion does include military objectives or force sufficient to overwhelm a land’s defenses.  King Hassan sent the so-called Green March invasion force of starving refugees to win political victory over the entrenched Spanish troops.  It is not important to debate that 1975 invasion here.  I take no political side in that affair.  It is just a great example of a non-violent invasion, not too different from what we have at our Southern border.

The Moroccan invasion resulted in lots of bloodshed and violence on all sides.  It also seized huge investments by both the Spanish and Angolans. Clever at the time, it resulted in a long, bloody war.  No mistake, it was definitely an invasion like ours at the Southern border.

Webster wrote the first American dictionary to make certain the words of the new Republic were recorded, in part to “record the variance” between American and English, and partly to assure a precise account of “the republican debate for future generations.”  Invasion was far more to our founders than merely military, but also any hostile entry into our lands to usurp the rights or property of our citizens, or to enter illegally with a view to plunder rights or privileges.

This is no longer in our dictionaries, but it remains in the context of our Founder’s intentions, and part of the definition of what President Trump is facing at our Southern border.

It is such a delight to the corrupt leadership of the Democrat Party that they want to stop him at any cost.  If a few million more illegal invaders can slip in, what’s to stop them from re-inventing and redefining America?  Invasion is the correct name for what is happening at our Southern border.  Those who support the invasion in our halls of Congress are just as bad, but there we call it treason.


How to Give

I deem it the duty of every man to devote a certain portion of his income for charitable purposes; and that it is his further duty to see it so applied as to do the most good of which it is capable. This I believe to be best insured, by keeping within the circle of his own inquiry and information the subjects of distress to whose relief his contributions shall be applied.” – Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson would never compel charitable giving.  He considered it an individual’s “duty.”  A duty is a moral obligation or responsibility, like voting in a free republic, or protecting one’s family.

The circle of his own inquiry” suggests what we might call “doing our own research.”  Doing good involves doing the most good, in Jefferson’s opinion.  That can mean finding the most pathetic and downtrodden, weakest and most vulnerable, defenseless or nearest death individuals.  Or it may mean a few dollars here there to dozens of struggling businesses.  Or maybe a single donation each year to an impoverished family for a child’s important operation.

“Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government.”

In terms of money itself, the only limit on necessity is “more,” so we really can not give too much.  If you think of it in terms of the US Govt, 3,000 billionaires surrendering everything would simply pay a year of status quo taxes. And then the billionaires would all be gone. Paying taxes has nothing to do with charity or good works, but it is another duty . . . within reason.

Two of my primary charities are both orphanages.  One in Kenya, one in Pakistan.  They always need help, and I have watched as they monitor and photograph the lives of the children.  At first it was a kid here and there with a special smile, then the new kids.  The directors with whom the interaction takes place.  The longer I watch, the easier it is to send money through Paypal.  I have no doubt of their good work, the sincerity of their missions in terrible places.

Perhaps most interesting is that both orphanages encourage me to visit.

And I have to admit it is tempting, but if I did visit either of them, it would cost my entire charity budget for more than a year.  And that is how I ultimately know my choices are good ones.

Both directors have repeatedly told me, “The children would be more blessed, excited, and encouraged to meet you than to eat or wear good clothes.”  Let that sink in.

And that means I have to admit I am afraid to go where these incredible people live all day, every day — especially central Pakistan.

George Washington was incredibly generous to individuals, organizations, schools, churches, and missions to poor Americans.  He almost never talked about it, but he did say,  “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.

There are 26 children in the Kenya orphanage right now.  Every once in a while Director James in the Kenya home writes to me and says, “The kids have nothing to eat today. The pantry is completely empty.”  That sounds like a scam, right?

I no longer believe it a scam, even for a second.  At all.  James told me this morning it costs $32/day to feed the kids if they can buy in bulk for the month, “and that includes the salt, oils and spices. . .”It’s terrible when it gets this bad.  To run out locally and buy a day of food costs $52.

$960 to feed around 26 beautiful kids for a month.  $37 apiece. A buck and a quarter per day.  Add another quarter each day for clothes.

I won’t tell you who they are in this post — in part, for the safety of Munir and the Pakistani children . . . but I would be happy to tell you as part of your personal inquiry!  Do your own research, and I pray you feel really uncomfortable if you do nothing with freedom’s duty.




Reddened Black Face

Several recent political witch hunts worked out poorly, but nobody saw the fallout for Democrats and blackface.  It seems that everyone destined to go into Democrat politics in Virginia has a recorded event of blackface in his past.  Oddly, the blackface seems to be an excuse for worse crimes and hideous morality, but now they started their inquest and must let it run its course.

It appears that the Jimmys, Kimmel and Fallon, Sarah Silverman and other Democrat show hosts also donned the blackface for some reason.  Republicans, too, but their center of guilt seems to be Florida. Blackface is something Democrats have always accused Republicans of, so . . . eh, who cares.

The particular irony comes from blackface being thrown — by Democrats! — at one of their own, precisely because they felt that blackface was a minor charge.

Obviously, Democrats do not care about shoe polish or theatrical makeup.  They calculated that the petty charge would never hold — there would be a long public shriek that would settle quickly enough.  Oops.  It started expanding.

The real horror is that Governor Northam celebrates the murder of children with vigor and enthusiasm.  “Keep it comfortable until you make the decision,” he said. The bill itself included tolerance for killing the child right up to the point of breathing air. “‘My bill would allow that. Yes,’ Tran said, as calmly as any grocery store butcher goes about their business,” and that comes from USA Today, a publication lacking in moral foundations.

Many Democrats are favorable to delivering the head then cutting it off, or laying the child on a table and discussing whether to kill it, but they use “safe” political language to say it.  This thing on the right is a fetus, tissue. Nancy Pelosi commented on President Trump’s objection by saying, “It’s really quite a sad thing when you know that we’ll be talking about something that applies to the health and life — health and ability to have other children of women.”  Who’s health? Whose life are we talking about after the child is born?  It is the mockery of murder, the disease of abortion.  It no longer means anything to kill children right up to the birth canal because it is a political issue, not a moral one.  Not moral right, but “civil rights,” and those only of women, and those only who already hate, fear, or dread motherhood.

So Northam will go down for actually saying it, but through the charge of blackface.  Dreadful, isn’t it?  His “utter moral failure” is for wearing blackface, not for revealing the hidden language of abortion.  The nature of hatred for all Blacks in America has now been leveled against a host of Liberals because nobody wanted to say the truth is really that they just hate children before, during, and soon after birth.

One last comment: if killing babies isn’t hatred and violence, what is?

What Process Truth

“We would never have known by what process truth is to be ascertained, if we had not previously ascertained many truths. . . Doubtless, the most effectual mode of showing how the sciences of Ethics and Politics may be constructed would be to construct them.”


Although the majority of the book is grindingly slow, somewhat like milling bones, John Stuart Mill’s A System Of Logic, Ratiocinative And Inductive, Book V literally explodes with the wisdom of the first four books.

Creating a rationally ethical political system does not begin with a blank slate.  It is often argued (even by me) that our nation indeed tried “something new.” They did it, however, by carefully considering and applying the wisdom of a broken world against the cumulative success and brilliance of a shadowed past.

We do know the very best and most sublime government in the history of the world, and we can see how we abandoned it over time.  We can all see what a horrible mess it has become, and why.

It still exists, and no rational person can deny that the founders of America: the Great Experiment, knew by what process truth was to be obtained.  They constructed this nation on the highest ethics and politics ever conceived or implemented to create the envy of this world’s history.

It only stopped working because we let it.  We allowed the power, wealth, immorality, and greed that chewed up and swallowed every nation become the government of this one.

Remarkable Politics, Mr. Powell

“Baffling” might be the best way to describe the blather coming from the Partisan Loyalists on both sides of the aisle when it comes to President Donald Trump.  To them, Democrats and Republicans run on lies so they can simply act in similar ways once in office.  They despise Mr. Trump, and their main reason is, he is completing and ticking off one campaign promise after another.

“Confusing” could be used to describe, for instance, Colin Powell’s remarks today.  He actually invoked his “favorite three words in the Constitution: ‘we the people’ . . . Recently, it has become ‘me the president’ as opposed to ‘we the people,’” Powell said.

“Stupid” could define the examples he used: our trade deals, for instance.  Trump ran on removing and rewriting those trade deals. (He succeeed.)  Powell mentioned angering our allies.  Trump ran for President on the clear terms that he would get our allies to stop cheating us. (Succeeding.)

“Idiotic” Mr. Powell mentioned “insulting everybody.”  Powell heard the President’s promises that came out in such boorish tones against everybody, and now he gets to watch as jobs seem particularly good for minorities.  (Success.)  Trump promised lower taxes, and he delivered by twisting a lot of arms — as promised. (success.)

“Bi-Partisan” Colin Powell voted with other Leftists and RINO’s for Hillary.  Nobody has to like our most successful President, but Mr. Powell goes too far when he calls his Never Trump opinions, “ours.” They were yours, Hillary’s, and the FBI’s, Mr. Powell.  “We, the People,” bested you.

We, the People” liked what we heard from Mr. Trump.  We voted for what he said he would do.   We love watching him do it!  We beat the Leftists and RINO’s who went so far as to team up against our duly elected President as the bi-Partisan team to elect Hillary . . .  and you lost.

The Majority see low unemployment as a very good thing.  We like low taxes and low inflation.  We are pleased by a booming economy with more good jobs. We appreciate good trade deals and shared responsibility in our international obligations.  We support our allies where it counts (like Israel, Canada, and Mexico) and real consequences for our enemies (like Iran, Syria, and China.)  To us, it became sickening to pay lip service, offer preferred status to tyrants, pay pallets of cash to our enemies, and make regular welfare to our wealthy couch potato friends through guns, ammo, and chronically deferred payments from them.

Remarkable politics, Mr. Powell.  We, the American people, plan to smash the Progressive, Liberal, and RINO NWO agenda again in November.  We are not able to declare victory yet, but since you and yours have no respect for us at this point, I suspect you might be in trouble.  In fact, I’d love to see you publish a list of who you really support.  I suspect they are all as deep in the state as you appear to be, sir.

Move On, Democrats

This post barely slips past pointless personal opinion.  You will not find a great deal of new data here today.  No apologies, just fair notice.  It is way past time for the Democrats to grow up and move on.

Now that it appears Kavanaugh will be confirmed, the House Democrats are already ranting.  Nadler, from New York’s Liberal 10th, already blurted, “If he is on the Supreme Court and the Senate hasn’t investigated, then the House will have to.  We would have to investigate any credible allegations certainly of perjury and other things that haven’t been properly looked at before.

Of course, the Senate investigated, but wasted their investigation demanding an FBI investigation.  The FBI investigated again (seven times now) and found no problems.  The Democrats were incensed that the FBI did not interview Ford, but the Senate Democrats had months to interview and investigate Ford.  They put her on trial and frothed against Kavanaugh all day.  And her “witnesses” all said, “Nope. No truth here, folks.”  Move On.

Gutierrez and Leiu, spewing Democrats from “resist” locations in Illinois and California, already want Kavanaugh impeached.  Now that vicious Democrats like these two and Maxine Waters have lost their venom, they keep biting like sterile rodents.  They’re going to leave marks and strings of broken teeth all the way to election day.  It is almost amazing.

Some speak of repression, as though the truth is still out there, ignored.  No one said it better than Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, another rabid New Yorker, “This is a disgrace what’s happened in the United States Senate.  And obviously we have to find ways to make sure the truth is eventually brought to light, whether Kavanaugh is confirmed or not.”  Yeah, as soon as we find it.  Just wait until we invent something.  And it certainly is a disgrace.  Pathetic.

A whole bunch of fuming Democrats complain that the procedure of reviewing a nominee’s public record has been completely disregarded.  They have had all the time necessary — over two months! — to review a complete and wide open list of everything in Kavanaugh’s history.  If it was not read, it was only because they already knew they would find a spotless, professional, and pointedly remarkable record of public service.

If these were our fellows — neighbors, friends, coworkers — and they behaved like this, we would ask them to Move On.  And that is precisely what should happen each election day until the sleaze all get un-elected.  Except those who should go straight to jail.

Kavanaugh Tied to the Mob

Yesterday struck a nerve.  The deeper we look, the more ties we find between Brett Kavanaugh, his accusers, and the Mob.  There are few people left in America who will deny that the Mob works relentlessly against the integrity and decency of the Democratic Party.  It continues.  In fact, it seems unrelenting.  What’s good for the Democrats and all Americans at this point is very good for the country, and Kavanaugh’s ties to the Mob make him a despised target.

Ever since John F. Kennedy, a savage tide has been sweeping the Party under, forcing the loss of the Presidency for any decent Democrat.  Humphrey, McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, all squashed by their Mob.  Only Carter made it — the only moral victory in that entire span, and a buffoon.  Then Bill.  It was again the work of the Mob.  Then the Democrats lost with Al Gore and John Kerry, finally winning with a complete unknown.  The Mob.  Perhaps that was how Obama won.  But then, Mrs. Clinton, the wife of a two term President, could not even Dump Trump.  The Mob did it all.  Stuck with the rapist so vigorously his wife could not beat Trump — even though it was her turn!

Of course Dole, McCain, and Romney lost!  The damned Republicans tried to beat the Mob at their own game, and naturally, they lost.  They were closely aligned with the mob.  Even Republicans did not want that!

The Mob overpowered reason, goodness, decency, morality, and ethical fortitude in the Democratic Party, usurped power from the DNC, ran a dishonest campaign against the honest power of the people. Single handed, they broke the Democrats.  And still, Hillary lost.

And Kavanaugh was part of it.  He worked against the Democratic Party.  Ruthlessly at times.  And oh, they hate him for it!  Democrats in the Senate can not tolerate the idea.  Trump does not play by the rules.  He will not even obey the Republican Party!  Damn Trump for nominating Kavanaugh.  Long live the Mob.

All real Democrats were pleased with the progress of the hard work, but the Mob began to lose control, and I repeat!  Hillary was forced to lose!  In the background, Kavanaugh’s work hurt her badly.

It’s not like Kavanaugh was alone, but he came very close to the top of the Mob before Ken Starr shut him down.

Now, they have to fight to keep him off the Supreme Court. What a dreadful day it is.  What an ugly, indecent shame for the Democrats as the Mob cavorts and broadcasts nothing but evil in their name.

Kavanaugh in Clinton Suicide Scandal

As a citizen who followed the Vince Foster murder, fairly convinced of that crime, it surprised me to be reminded of Brett Kavanaugh’s role in that affair under Ken Starr.  While I clearly remembered Kavanaugh as a prosecutor in the Lewinsky matter, it was only after being reminded that it all came back — the horrifying events and coverup of a probable murder, and the clear link to the Clintons.  No wonder the Senate Democrats are rattling their sabers.  Kavanaugh knows things.

This, in other words, relates to the “Clinton Body Count,” and the FBI bungling of the investigation, quite evidently with corruption, to favor the Clinton regime.  Kavanaugh saw the original photos of Foster with the bullet hole in his neck as well as his head.  In fact, that is inexcusable to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, one of the top figures in the investigation.  Why?  Because he knew that Kavanaugh knew.  He had seen the original pictures, carefully blown up at the Smithsonian.

Miquel Rodriguez found the photos.  Miquel Rodriguez had them blown up and enhanced.  Miquel Rodriguez was fired.

Kavanaugh’s reaction to the findings of Miquel Rodriguez can be found in the stash of released documents from the Starr inquiry. In his own hand-writing Kavanaugh notes: “startling discovery,” “blew up portions of photo – trauma to the neck on rt side appears to be bullet hole.” Pritchard still thinks he should have gone with that, but Kavanaugh chose to follow and protect his career and acted consistent with his boss.  I hope this doesn’t result in Pritchard’s suicide.

Democrats, however, damn Kavanaugh for “being so hard on Clinton,” because of his cigars and Oval Office “privacy,”  then “backing off” on George Bush.

Perspective, I guess.  Not going with the murder by two or more bullets seems rather gentle. . . and what do they imply that has to do with the Clintons?

This issue might come back in full force.  If so, it will shed new light on many, many things.  Anyone who enjoys truth should be pleased.  Personally, I hope it happens after Kavanaugh reaches the Supreme Court.

Right at this moment, though, we understand why this gnarly and exhaustive hatred is directed against Kavanaugh.  It may not even be about abortion at all.  They had this all so conveniently tucked away.

Jeff Flake’s Immoral “Compromise”

Jeff Flake swears to compromise.  It’s the first honest things he has said as a Senator of Arizona. Jeff Flake has proven himself an indecent liar, willing to fully compromise anything.  He compromised his election, his stated principles, his promises, his constituents, and this past week he exercised his compromise to side with the corrupt and indecent Democrats.

He expressed it, ultimately, like this: “We’ve got to come to a point again where failure to compromise … is punished at the ballot box, rather than rewarded.”

Sounds funny coming from a man his constituents hate.  He is not running again. He completely failed, not “failed to compromise.”


First he wanted “compromise” to conduct a further investigation by the FBI.  Only when he got that did he reveal the truth: he doesn’t want Kavanaugh as a Justice, mainly just because he hates Trump.  Knowing that it is the Democrats who will not “compromise,” Flake has demonstrated over and over his ambition to be one of them while wearing a pin that says, “R”.  He must never be elected to any office again.  He should never work again.

He is not intelligent enough, apparently, to even know he was targeted intentionally by Liberals.  (or maybe he invited them to push him.)  And why not?  Not only is he one, but he plays the absolute fool.  His “compromise” is nothing of the sort.  It is blatant participation in the perverse antics of the Democrats.  It is also a one man condemnation of all Republican principles and hopes.

He is not only wrong to do this, but corrupt.  And laughing.  Flake wants no decency, and he clearly doesn’t understand guilt and innocence.  Our State Republican Party are all Democrats working to push in Liberals.  McCain. Maybe Flake just laughed and ran as Republican to get elected, appease Democrats, and fight dirty, knowing we would hate him appropriately.  Now . . . Wendy Rogers?

Personally, I suspect it’s all of the above.  Jeff, the Flake, is a little Schumer, without the charm or integrity.  He’s not a lame duck, but a roadkill vulture.  Let’s compromise, and run him and our State Republican committee out of office.


Philippians 4 vs Congress

The first 5 verses of Matthew chapter 23 came to mind this morning: “Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples, ‘The scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses’ seat, so do and observe whatever they tell you, but not the works they do. For they preach, but do not practice. They tie up heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to move them with their finger. They do all their deeds to be seen by others.'”

The work of Pharisees and Scribes is crystal clear in Congress.  It stood out like a pink elephant in a tutu in the Senate this week.  It marks the opposite of all those things the majority of us hold dear.  Make your own list, and compare it with Paul’s, recorded in Philippians 4: Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. . . Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.

This is part of that “old-fashioned” set of ideas called “Judeo-Christian ethics.”  That mindset is a secular presentation of Biblical morality.   It does not overwhelmingly exist anywhere on earth, but once it was the standard of excellence, a “working model” for a healthier nation here in the USA.

True, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, worthy of praise. . . The abandonment of all these things was obvious in DC yesterday.

If I had my way, all would be Christian.  It is for your contentment that I wish you the Peace of Christ, the childlike joy of salvation —  but even without Jesus in your personal life, the ethic was a whole lot better than anything we have now.

Only you can really answer the personal question and have your “come to Jesus moment,” escaping the consequences of sin in your own life.  If our society doesn’t re-experience the secular version, however, it is quite obvious that America is going to Hell.