Blazing Democrat Saddles

Democrats actually began the impeachment inquiry based on Trump withholding military assistance the way Biden had for Obama/Biden.

Today, the purely damning evidence may have appeared.  It looks now as if Mr. Trump’s administration invited Mr. Zelensky to the White House if he investigated illegal activity of the former White House administration.

Yes, it looks convincing that Trump conditionally invited the President of Ukraine to the White House. GOT HIM!

Mel Brookes is writing this.  This is Blazing Democrat Saddles.   The Democrats started this whole thing accusing Trump of being a Nazi who colluded with Russia.  That’s pretty funny!  What made them think so?  Well, Hillary’s campaign paid a British agent to collude with Russia to trump Trump with the charges, of course.  We absolutely know this. What makes it so funny is that it is still their game plan against their opponent. What makes it even funnier is that their beef with Trump is that he is doing his job, just as he said he would.

Democrats and bureaucrats in both Parties went through a whole list of trial balloons before this one came out, but just consider some of the charges!  Democrats called him a Nazi, and then supported virulently anti-Semitic Tlaib and Omar in Congress.  They called Trump “insane” while running the sleepy, creepy Uncle Joe Biden for his position.  Uncle Joe was the huge leader over the entire field of 20-plus hopeful Democrat nominees.

Democrats also accused Trump of being a war-monger, certain to bring Armageddon. When he turned the other cheek to Iran, and brought soldiers home, and left Syria alone, they instantly accused him of abandoning humanitarian needs and provoking another crisis.

Now, even Obama, the Leftist Mondo, is chastising the Democrat-Socialist Party for running their campaign on destruction and rampage. Mr. Obama also told Sleepy Joe, the geriatric gaff generator, “You don’t have to do this, Joe. Go home to your family.

Great one-liners all the way through.

And now we finally come to the plot. In the eyes of the Deep State and Democrat Self-Immolation Machine, the evil Mr. Trump is unfit to serve our nation because he invited Mr. Zelensky to the White House if he called for an investigation into illegal activity in Ukraine.

The funniest part? Oh, it certainly has to be that Mr. Trump is playing the role of Cleavon Little. He’s the level-headed sheriff of this slapstick stupidity.

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