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Reason in our contemporary society scarcely exists.  We reached a dead end where truth is less important than opinion.  In fact, we Americans willingly alter our core beliefs every ten or twenty years based on the waffling opinions of our chosen Party.

“Party hatred, by its deadly poison, blinds the eyes and envenoms the heart. It is fatal to the integrity of the moral character.” – Abigail Adams to Thomas Jefferson, 1804

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson became friends in their latter years. They despised each other politically, but Adams suggested that they not go to their graves without explaining to each what they believed.  A bit later Jefferson answered with the same spirit.

They worked to understand each other, even where they could not agree.  Significantly, they left us a window.   Dozens of their fellows kept scrupulous notes and journals, letters and other records.  As the spokesmen for all “sides” of the new America, there is no reason to wonder what they were thinking, or why.  They absolutely agreed on “life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness,” and worked to achieve limited government, separation of powers, and freedom from corruption, abuse, and negligence.

For years I wrote to (and against) an angry, bitter nation — often angrily and bitterly.  Freedom House, Hearthside Family Publications, Jus Dare, and even have been an attempt to challenge and change the Horse’s Butt Opinion du jour.  The most vicious posts were also the best received, most shared, and most visited. 

I’m not doing that any more.  Go ahead and change your opinion as often as you like, but I’ll present a rational education about how America was designed to work, what our Founders believed, and where their wisdom originated.  It will probably anger almost everybody, but it is true.  You are welcome to it.

If you want it.